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Title: Rewrite Our Stars

Subtitle: N/A

Author: M.I. Chiam


  1. So I want this picture as the dominant image. Just the Girl and the guy, not the random letters around the page please.
  2. It would also be great if you could include This or This - because the first one is a bit blurry - somewhere on the cover. That would be awesome. It’s kinda like a small subtitle.
  3. I love the idea of metallic golden lettering that looks epic and fantasy-like. I want the title to really stand out (eg. How you did with you beautiful cover of Sparks Collide)
  4. The last idea I have in mind is to have somekind of peach blossoms around the border, but I feel like it might not fit. So, it’s totally up to you if you feel like adding it or not. (Note: it is one of the main symbols of my story.)

Main Mood. — Something along this line.

Extra mood — Most are a bit too light, but with the peach blossoms (refer to No.4) and the rough factors, I think they are good inspo.

Thank you so much for considering. Your covers are so pretty and I’ll complete the payment if you do accept. :heart:


Title: Mishaps & Wolves
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Allyana McKinn

Ideas: Its a paranormal comedy so something magical but whimsical if that makes sense(heavy on the magical, so swirls and smoke maybe?). Definitely include a wolf, but see if you can work in a jaguar too (even if it’s just the eyes). The story is centred on a missing mystical orb and a curse, and the leading human heroine accidentally stumbling onto shifters in the middle of a pack civil war between two brothers (one’s a wolf and the other’s a jaguar). Although I’d rather not have my heroine on the cover if that’s alright? Possibly put a dark forest in the background, but if that’s too much then i don’t mind

Pictures: I’ve been trying to upload my previous cover as some inspiration. I loved it but I’m looking to refresh with a new rewrite of the story.

Mood or colors: lots of purples/greens/blues/white (magical colours essentially), maybe make the background a little dark? I’m look for a magical feel to it so a bit of mystery would be nice to tie it all in? From what I’ve seen from your work, it all looks awesome and has the sort of style that I’m looking for
Extras: I actually can’t think of anything else to add


I’m happy to hear! I hope everything goes well with your book and you get rid of that pesky writer’s block.


I’ll start working on it. don’t forget to complete the payment :slight_smile:


@scmimi and @AllyanaM you’re both accepted! please complete payment :slight_smile:


Thank you for accepting. Payment completed :heart:


Payment completed


Payment Completed. Have followed and added your book to my reading list. Thank you!!


Payment of perm follow completed !


Cover or Banner: Cover

Title: Haunting Eyes


Author: Darvruni

Ideas: I was thinking something close to the first cover I posted but if possible a guy, if that doesn’t work a girl would be fine too. Emphasis on the eyes (hence the title). I hope that makes sense. Nothing too colorful. I also left a second cover as a reference, something like that would work too for my book. I hope my explanation made sense. :see_no_evil:

Pictures: image



here is your cover! i hope you like it :slight_smile:
let me know if you’ll be using it.


you’re accepted. please complete payment.

do you want the eyes to be any particular color?


It’s amazing thank you


Cover or Banner: Cover

Title: Foreverland Or Neverland

Subtitle: " Does forever exist with you? But never always seems to be in your heart.

Author: Denicia Badon

Ideas: It is a darker version of Peter Pan where he has a group of friends that he manipulates about a place that might exist. But I would like either a picture of dice, cards or a few images that I think suits the book, it is also a series that I decided to call Wicked Tales.

I’m sorry if it’s not clear but I hope that I gave you a few ideas for my cover, please let me know if things aren’t clear.



TITLE: Running From the Middle or The Godawful Middle (depends on what photo is used-- I’ll explain in the ‘ideas’ section)


AUTHOR: Elle Crevier

IDEAS: Some context is that it is a coming of age book centered around a high-school tracker runner. One idea I have is a girl on a jog or at a track meet would work well with the “Running From the Middle” title. The girl preferably has brown hair. Another idea if you can’t find a picture that works for that is the title “The Godawful Middle” with a group of teenagers at a lighthouse or by a big body of water. (I changed the title just because running wouldn’t make as much sense with the lighthouse, but feel free to put together the “running” title with a lighthouse/water if you think it looks good together-- I really don’t mind which one you do).

PICTURES: I have a collection board full of mood photos if that helps. Here’s the link:


Mood: Happy, carefree.
Colors - blue if you can!

Thanks for considering this application!!


Here is your cover. i tried getting everything you wanted in there i hope you like it! :slight_smile:
let me know if you’ll use it


Could I ask what you used to make that “Dean Winchester” photo so smooth and nice looking? If you used Topaz which settings did you use, love? Would you be willing to share?


Question… could you maybe make two for me? I can’t decide between two ideas I have. If not, that’s okay…


I used the noise reduction filter with the strength setting in 10 and the others in 0.


Thank you so much!