:joy: Weird coincidence.

Ah, I personally don’t edit on app, hence that could be why. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t intended for your reads to count each time, though, I’ll try to ask around.


I just posted a new chapter and discovered some things that I needed to go back in an edit. I had two reads when I went in, and three when I reloaded. So it also does it on the website when you edit your already uploaded chapters.


Interesting, will be asking - really weird.


You have no idea :sweat_smile:

My books aren’t even published and they have (in order of top five highest readcounts):

5 - 130
4 - 148
3 - 219
2 - 314
1 - 677

Purely from editing, writing, rewriting and previewing – none of them have been published even for a minute.


Interesting, so I asked around and I heard that it really does add up, unfortunately. Hopefully it gets fixed or something soon. :nerd_face:

I guess I never noticed/saw it because once I post it, I don’t edit it more than once, if anything, as I check through it many times over before publishing.


I do too, but sometimes you don’t notice a missing space (or whatever) before you see it in a new format aka published. And I am a really bad nitpicker when it comes to my work. :mag: :nerd_face:


Oof the cute :nerd_face: omg

Understandable! :nerd_face:


Yeah, it’s a favorite of mine too, and as I use glasses it sort of resembles me the most…


I agree with this one as well. Sometimes I just like to look something up, or check a comment. Doesn’t have to be counted to the actual reader total. Now I never know how many reads my book actually gets. Half of the reads may just be mine.




Arigato. :bowing_woman:


I support this 100%!! Wattpad definitely needs to fix this issue.


Yes this needs to be fixed please lol. I have a book in my drafts that I never published, with 3 chapters, and it has 23 reads e.e


Agree - read count should not include author’s visits to their own work - I went back to a chapter to correct a couple of typo’s people had spotted and it counts as a read - it really shouldn’t. I’m sure authors going to their own works fromtheir own profile could be filtered out without too much trouble.


Yeah, I’ve had to go in and replace some images and banners on all chapters in my book. That alone has raised my reading count with well over a hundred. And it suuucks…!