Stories Needed for Wattpad Monthly Magazine - January 2020 Issue [CLOSED]

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Title: To Believe in Peter Pan

Genre: Fantasy

Number of Chapters Currently Available: 30

She wanted a place to escape her reality; she wanted to run away to a fairytale. Little did she know that fairytales aren’t always a dream come true. She learns this the hard way when she meets none other than Peter Pan. He and his lost boys aren’t exactly welcoming. Now Lili can’t go back, and she has to prove her strength.



Title: Elgin’s Enigma

Genre: Mystery/Paranormal/Horror

Number of chapters currently available: 31

Blurb: Elgin is your average city filled with people, trains, fog, victorian era fashion, goat people, and the best alchemy shop one can find. Nothing too bizarre, aside from the children.

Children appear in the forest regularly with marks on their body, unsure on how or why they’re there.

One day when a letter gets delivered to one of the children and curiosity gets the better of them. It suddenly becomes a mad dash on figuring out on what exactly Elgin is and how they can go back home.

Link :'s-enigma


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Title: Lazari

Genre: Fantasy

Number of Chapters Currently Available: 31 with a prologue and an epilogue (completed)

Blurb: Isma al-Uzkariah, eighth prince of the sultanate of Mour, is far more content spending his days holed up in the palace library with a good book than taking part in numerous hunting parties like his brothers. An outcast even among his siblings, he yearns for a simpler life - one where he is free, as his deceased mother wished for him.

On the night the Sultan falls gravely ill, Isma is approached by Scha Rabeez, the Crown Prince’s betrothed, who urges him to take the throne instead. When he refuses, she curses him with the form of a little boy. Powerless and terrified, Isma flees the palace and eventually falls into the reluctant company of an outlander called Einar Blodvarg, whose grim silence hides a dark and tormented past. Guided only by a letter from a grandmother he has never met and the dubious assistance of a pair of siblings who are not at all trustworthy, Isma must now find a way to be free of the curse before Scha destroys his family - and the whole of Mour with them.



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The Apprentice Assassin

Chapter’s 20

Magic, power, and blood. It’s all about who you know. Thomas was raised to be a fighter. With no known magical power to speak of. He pushed himself harder to gain the respect he desired. Joining the military at sixteen, he rose through the ranks as fast as he could, even going so far as to accepting vision-enhancing implants. Seven years later, his hard work finally paid off. He and his squadmates are sent on a mission to the eastern continent to recover secret documents from a rogue faction of spies. The information is said to contain information on the Flara, a group of shady billionaires who are slowly buying up every corporation they can get their hands on, and the weakness to the Cantorians. An evil group of seemingly immortal creatures with powers beyond the human scope.


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Title: The Ephemeral (Book One: Breeder)
Genre: YA Fantasy / Dystopia
Number of Chapters Available: Completed at 65 parts

Centuries after the Crash, a dangerous new enemy advances on the border of Ells. Little is known of this rising adversary, but their insatiable bloodlust has the nation on its toes.

Meanwhile, Alex Kingsley finds herself stuck in a world of static principles and hidden truths, fated to marry young and help repopulate the nation’s army – the same army she’s forbidden from joining. To make matters worse, she’s cursed with a dangerous power. As if her life wasn’t already a joke.

So when a tournament is held to recruit the next generation of soldiers, Alex decides she’s sick of sitting on the sidelines. Determined to make a stand, she does what she does best - she intervenes.

It’s only when the borders fall and the truth emerges that Alex realizes there are bigger battles to be fought.


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Title: Desiderium
Genre: Horror
Number of Chapters: 25
Blurb and Link:


Title: Evil lurks beneath
Genre: Fantasy, romance, action
Number of Chapters: 40, ongoing

Kaya never thought the new friend she has made would turn out to hide so many secrets. He’s tense and he has a purpose.
He wants to save her life.
Spending more than half of his life in terrifying visions, Adrian finally decides to strike back and not let Fate claim its next victim. He’s dead set on saving the beautiful girl from his nightmare and not let her die.
What he doesn’t expect is the attraction that starts burning between them, pulling them to each other like magnets.
When they are both woven in a web of lies, trying to break them apart, things turn from bad to worse. With Kaya’s own power waking up and people meddling in their relationship, they are faced with hard choices and the truth standing between them.
Will Kaya be able to forgive Adrian for the things he’s been keeping from her, or will she let the darkness inside consume her? What if they are both a part of something bigger and more dangerous than they ever thought?



Title: Restoration
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, etc
Subplot: Romance
Books: Trilogy
Status: Under Reconstruction
Chapters: 26
(Chapters are above 3k words, but they are broken off into parts to make it easier to read)

Book 1 has completely been reconstructed/ edited and is within its cleanest state. Roughly 100 parts, maybe slightly less. As such, it has been released and marked completed.


Power is something that is a double-edged sword. It can do much good, but at the same time cause much destruction. Maria, who was once whole, and lived with pride and honor is now in two. One half good, and the other half evil. Both reflections of Maria herself. Now bound to the weaker half, under the name of Cyra, she aims to right the wrong that has been comitted. Though what wrong could that be? Will she succeed? Or will her enemies?

“Even though my intentions were good, that is but an excuse. Such an action is unforgivable…”

“My other half…when will you cease this pointless resistance, and join me to become whole once again?”

“I will no longer live in your shadow, Maria!”

Now a fierce battle begins. What will be unraveled of Maria’s past? Why does her evil half despise her? All of this may be answered.

It’s a trilogy, and all books are connected.

Order of timeline goes

Restoration: Dark Days —> Restoration: The Great War—> Restoration—> Night of the Blood Moon

Order of Books

Restoration —> Restoration: Dark Days—> Restoration: The Great War—> Night of the Blood Moon

(Night of the Blood Moon is the new installment to the series, and is completely released)



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A lowly slave dreams of saving her king and kingdom from impending doom


Title Assassin’s Realm - The Lost King

Genre Dark Fantasy Romance

Number of Chapters Currently Available: 33 (COMPLETE)



“Yes, My Lord.”
Since childhood, Torrent has been forced to hide behind the shackles of servitude. But having witnessed a conspiracy threatening the survival of her king and his subjects she can sit idle no longer. She must escape, or allow the empire to crumble.

“Don’t scream.”
Raven is a cold-hearted half-breed, a dangerous assassin that cuts silently through the dark nights of Evonheart. But from the blackness a sinister force rumbles. An army of beasts is amassing in the north and there’s no one to stand in their way.

Benevolence and brutality collide when Torrent comes face to chest with her murderer. Now she must convince Raven to spare her, rescue the king, and save the kingdom. Torrent holds proof of their uprising, and Raven holds her life in his callused hands.

:warning: Content Warning: Violence, Mental Instability, Cruelty, A jerk face anti-hero who abuses the heroine (not the drug).

:warning: Trigger Warning: Violence against women, Death, Depression, Murder.

Link: Click to Enter Assassin’s Realm


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Title: The Last Philosopher
Genre: Fantasy/Attempted Comedy
Chapters: 100+
Blurb: In the freezing mountains of Empris, Lyeasrakardsul, the oldest living sorcerer suffers from devastating nightmares. At the same time — far away in the sandstone desert of Zenon — Herschel, a man filled to the brim with strange ideas is escaping a prison filled with strange old men.

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Title: Blood of Darkness

Genre: Romance with Supernatural and Fantasy Elements

Number of Chapters Currently Available: Prologue and 32 Chapters (Conpleted)

Blurb: Inspired by Hades and Persephone

“Sometimes death isn’t the end. Sometimes people come back.”


Selena Silvers is an ordinary girl who loves to paint. She goes to school and works at a bookshop in Blackfell. Pretty ordinary. Except for two tiny details. One, she has an extraordinary ability to feel the emotions of those around her. Two, almost every night when she closes her eyes, she sees a gorgeous man with hair as black as night and eyes as gray as the sea after a storm. The problem is that she has no idea who he is or even if he’s real. Will she ever find out? And what other secrets are hiding in the darkness of the night?


Damien Drake is the eldest of the six Drake siblings and is forced to take the throne after his Father is murdered. Oh and the fun part? He’s a vampire surrounded by all the darkness that comes with being one. Dealing with loss has never been Damien’s strong suit and he’s gotten to a point where he forces himself to bury all of his emotions deep down and builds his walls up so high. Will his siblings or anyone else be able to reach him? And will he ever defeat the person responsible for his Father’s death?



Hello! I’m not sure if it quite fits the theme, but I’ll apply for consideration just in case.

Title: The Wings of Storm
Genre: Portal fantasy adventure
Tahro Akagi shouldn’t live in two worlds at once.

Yet, forced to spend his days studying by a no-nonsense mother, he longs for adventure. At a moment of desperation, Tahro finds himself in Saishuu Riku, the lands of his favourite book. Engrossed in this world more than he ever thought possible, Tahro saves a character’s life.

But if a butterfly’s wings can bring thunderstorms, then his every breath is another flap as it flies, his every heartbeat a danger to those around him.

Unwittingly, he becomes entangled in a web of conspiracies between ministers, a murderous witch and a kidnapper with butterfly-patterned knives. Tahro learns he’s changed the plot too much. Events that should happen don’t and his new friends are caught in a crossfire he wants no part in.

And when his friend is kidnapped, saving her could put everyone else in danger. Yet Tahro can’t stand by and watch.



In Plain Sight :eyes:


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The UnTitled



Life Driving license
genre : short story
about : life rules

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Title: My Secret Mobster Boyfriend
Author: AthenaKosalla
Genre: Romance, General Fiction, Action/Thriller, New Adult
Number of Chapters: 10, ongoing with weekly updates

“I only have three conditions: you’ll accompany me whenever your presence is needed, don’t tell anyone this isn’t real and do not fall in love with me.”

Dark prince meets nerdy doctor: Cate needs a boyfriend to avoid dreadful embarrassment at her upcoming high school reunion. Dray needs to bring home a girl with marriage potential before he will be allowed to take over the family business. In the absence of better options they agree to help each other. But with them obviously living in two completely different worlds, can this fateful deal really work out or will everything just end in an epic disaster?

Note: The “dream” is relevant in my book for two reasons. 1st: the female lead, for some reasons, ends up changing her original dream/vision of the future. 2nd: she suffers from certain dreams due to a trauma.