Stories with a Female Lead ||CLOSED||



I am a feminist and enjoy reading book about empowering women, got any for me to read??


Absolutely! The MC in this story, Kat, is strong, fierce, and funny. She’s got a rough past and she makes mistakes but she always owns up to them. It’s about Kat fighting her own inner and outer demons and not needing a man to swoop in and save her.

If you do read, I hope you enjoy :slight_smile: It’s called Unlawful Temptations.✔️

Rules are meant to be broken.

At least that was the motto that Kat Sanders led her life by. She said what she wanted, did what she pleased, and didn’t give a damn who judged her for it. Her home life was less than perfect ever since her father left and her mother spiraled into a drug induced stupor, leaving Kat with the heavy responsibility of taking care of her five year old sister. So, in an ugly turn of events where Kat loses her job, she hurriedly accepts her friends offer to interview for a job as a nanny. Yet, when Kat meet her new employer, all bets are off. He’s handsome, he’s brooding, and enticingly dangerous with a gun tucked into his side and a badge of honor splayed proudly across his blue uniform. Dominic Reed had everything Kat could ever want in a man.

Everything, aside from a wife.

Will Kat be able to downplay her normal, rebellious attitude and attraction to her married boss, or will forbidden feelings bud and temptation once again claim a victory over Kat and Dominic?

Yet, who can tell where this game of Kat and mouse will lead as Dominic’s lethal job intertwines into Kat’s life in a very real, very dangerous way that will leave them both vulnerable and fated for destruction.

Game on.


You might not like it though,

Title: Rosy Cheeks Summary: Nevaeh William is a 25 year old black female, finds her husband dead one day, and a pool of blood under her and on her pants. What will she do? Any advice on how to write a stronger female character would be appreciated though. I’m not that great of writer so Idk if I can write the female experience well


Hello! @Ivy279 's story, The Fall of Mangiatorvi has a very strong and interesting female lead.


@JazzyBallet me too! I’d like to create strong characters that when there world is shatter, they get back up and fight back harder than before.

I’d like to think that my MC is empowering in The Alpha’s Army fits that description.


War is Coming!

August is one of the strongest wolves in her pack sector, as she should be after years of mental and physical abuse from almost everyone. It has never broken her but fueled her fire.

When the Alpha announces that an army will be created for the impending war, August knows she has to be part of it in order to make a better life for herself and her brother. But joining the army means having to fight to keep her title as a warrior while surrounded by hundreds of the best wolves across her pack. And not everyone wants to see her succeed.

It also means possibly finding her mate. Something she never believed in.


I’m still updating but I put chapters out twice a week.


I have been trying to write a story with a realistic powerful female lead, who is determined and ambitious, but comes into her strength over time. There is a romance subplot that accompanies the main plot, but I tried my best to create a healthy, respectful relationship (if you’re not looking for any romance though, I totally get it!).

Title: Bearheart
Summary: Far in the Frozen North live the Rogalanders, excellent smiths, worshippers of the water, and the so-called “bear-people.” Every year, the devout who are coming of age receive a tattoo - a Mark of Endil, which reveals to its bearer the destiny laid out by the gods.

The day of Hala’s marking, originally supposed to bring with it joy and celebration, is ruined by an unexpected tragedy. The subsequent arrival of a woman from a rival nation forces Hala and the other newly-marked believers on a dangerous cross-continental mission, during which they discover an international conspiracy.

In the face of betrayal and death, she and the young Rogalanders must grapple with the answer to one question: how much are you willing to sacrifice to protect your country?


If it can be female dwarves I suggest you have a look into:
“Where she is right”
A Hobbit fanfiction, adding three remarkable dwarrowdams to Tolkien’s Middle Earth. :wink:
It is the story of Dís, sister of Thorin Oakenshield and two other dwarrowdams who will change the life of some of our favourite dwarves.


Hi! I think my MC will fit on what you’re not looking for. She’s fierce and ambitious, but also (sometimes) logical. If you do get to it, i Hope enjoy it :slight_smile:

Title: Fire And Ice
Summary: Thousands of years ago, the Azure and the Vermilion dragons started a war with one another. Although no one knows how it started, generations upon generations of both of these dragons have been taught to despise and kill each other instantly.

The spirit of the dragons have been passed down to humans as a tribute to their kindness, but little did the humans know, that with the spirit of the dragons, came at a cost. The cost of instant bloodshed of opposite clans.

The royal family of both these clans possess the blood of the Azure and Vermilion dragon, who can shift from human to dragon at will. Many generations of the royal families tried to forge an alliance or a treaty with one another, but always end up betraying each other.

As a result from a new peace treaty, Princess Annamarie, the last Azure dragon descendant, is then forced into a political marriage by her own morals and principles with the brooding Prince Kyro who is popular for being a tyrant throughout the Vermilion Kingdom.

Although Prince Kyro seems to be the main threat at the moment, Annamarie has become aware of a larger threat looming above everyone’s head, including hers. As a result, Anna’s life is going to take a wild turn as it is going to be filled with adventure, drama, raw emotions, bloodshed, and a hint of romance :wink:

Updated every Thursday and/or Friday (depends on my mood tbh)



If you’re looking for a realistic but tough female MC feel free to check out my story INSOMNIA and see Nia Clatcher in action :smile_cat:

You can read the story Here.

“Saving your country sometimes means betraying it first.”

After twelve years of military service, Nia Clatcher is thrust back into civilian life following her honorable discharge.

Yet, with the growing threat of Communism and her own country’s internal corruption, the Free Districts of Northern America needs her more than ever. However, less than patriotic method may be necessary to win this war.


Hi I just completed my first ever story on Wattpad, and I think you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in my book. PS: It’s rated mature.


Title: Wattpad Letters: A vintage twist into a modern love story
Author: @eliyeda
Genre: General fiction, contemporary romance, humor
Chapters: prologue + 17 chapters + epilogue
Status: Completed
Sally Ross is your typical Wattpad user. She enjoys reading, writing and critiquing.

But Wattpad is just a virtual world that she uses to escape from her reality.

Shaun Jonas is the pen name of another Wattpad user with more secrets than he’s willing to share. Yet, he found himself genuinely interested in Sally. A first for him.

This is a story of how a casual Wattpad interaction can turn into so much more.

Triggers: Mature Language, Sexual Innuendos/Content, and Depression

Link: Triggers:




Title : Therapy sessions of an almost functioning human

Genre: Contemporary-YA-humor


Summary In which this girl tries to make her way through life while trying not to take the absurdity of existence too seriously.

"-I had a horribly busy day converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.

-Fair enough."

Here’s a little quote

I waved at her and made my way down the stairs and through the glass door of the building. I closed it, feeling the cold handle on my fingers and the crispy winter air engulf me in a warm embrace.
What a lovely day not to commit suicide, I thought to myself before heading to my house


So I’m a dude but don’t hold it against me. While I did not set out to write a female story about female empowerment because that not really my story to tell, I did write with a female protagonist who I hope is portrayed as empowered. She’s a wife, a mother and a boss police sergeant who deals with both literal and figurative monsters on a near daily basis in a male dominated occupation.
It’s a an urban fantasy/paranormal detective/police procedural type story so if that’s your thing I hope you give it a look.


Hey! My book has 3 female leads, a 9 year old girl, her older sister and an ancient mentor type Fae figure

Following the life of 16 year old Johanna White, a girl too mouthy for her own good raised in rural Ireland with her family who, by all accounts, seemed too perfect. And they almost were… except for the secrets her mother kept hidden from her.

That all changed when the secrets caught up with them.

Unprepared to deal with her family changing beyond what she ever expected. Finding out truths she wished she were ignorant of and seeking enemies better left unsought. Surrounded by people she cannot and does not want to trust, Johanna is thrust into a realm of magic and corruption and she is not what this world wants, nor she it. She just wants to get home and get to the bottom of what her mother hid from her.

**Characters swear frequently in certain povs, if you dislike swearing it may not be your thing


Margaret cuts Vincent loose after fifteen years together as romantic partners - and as a musical duo called Citizen Samurai. Margaret moves in with a friend from work who shows her what it means to value her worth as a woman, and to honor her gifts as a musician.

“Humiliation of a Samurai”

“I don’t care if you’re married, engaged, dating without definitions or just casually f***ing while you split rent and share streaming accounts. The moment it becomes clear you’ve put your faith and trust in someone who obstructs your development, prevents you from connecting crucial dots? You shouldn’t need a self-help book with a sternly worded title to realize you’re living with a bum and it’s time to execute a remedy.”


Hey @JazzyBallet!

Not sure if steamy romance is your thing, but the female MC in my new story “All”, undergoes quite a journey of personal growth and development throughout the book - eventually making a decision that shows off her strong, feminine will to suceed with or without her love interest.

Hope you like it if you choose to read! :slight_smile:


All [adverb]; completely, without exception.

When 18-year-old singer Abi meets Noah, a moody but disarming guitarist, she soon discovers his tough exterior is hiding more than just the tattoos that mark his skin.

Thrown into a world of secrets, emotions and sexual discovery, will their relationship ever become more than a confusing game of cat and mouse? As one person’s career takes off and the walls become to crumble between them, can Abi and Noah’s love survive the impact?

[WARNING: Contains sexual content and swearing]


My story does have a female protagonist. And she is trying to find her way in life. Actually, I’ll just let you be the judge and let me know if you think she is empowering or not haha

Title: Athena Wolfborn
Genre: Fantasy, Action
In the mystic land of Ilerea, filled with creatures of stories and fantasy, Athena Wolfborn a trained assassin, was occasionally hired by King Ragnor Lore to take out his enemies.

Stories of the Forefront Alliance and its defeat were always whispered to young children, so that they knew what would happen if they defied the laws of the land under the rule of the king.

Athena intends to stick to the rules and live life doing what she does best with her family. But she is soon thrown into a world that she believed to be a part of rumors and stories, when Ryder, a werewolf, walks into her life claiming to be her Alliant and his people’s Queen.

Joining the infamous Forefront Alliance will be the least of her worries as she fights to contain her feral side and to keep her secrets buried where they should be, in her past.

Will she be able to handle all the expectations thrown at her, will she able to trust these new people who call themselves her friends?

Or will she succumb to being a puppet of war?

Join Athena on her Quest to find out the truth and to find out who she really is.


P.s. I hope you find it to your liking if you choose to read it :blush:


My story also has a female protagonist. I’d say she’s an empowering woman, but I will let you be the judge of that (if you read my story xD)
here it is:


I’m a feminist too. My story "Une histoire pour commencer " has got both male and female characters, but I’m always trying not to be suck into stereotypes. Perhaps it’s not as obvious here as in other plays or novels I’ve written elsewhere, but if you read my story, you’ll tell me.
However, it’s in french…


So my story is about a woman finding her power. She starts off a bit of a damsel in a very disempowered state and as her situation worsens she has to find a way to save herself using her own strengths.

Her love interest, also another woman, is more of your typical strong woman archetype, and she helps motivate the heroine to find her courage and strength. I will warn you that the story is pretty dark, though. Think Handmaid’s Tale meets Narnia.


Sylvia, the daughter of a London dressmaker, has always wanted to leave the city for the place where all her mother’s fairytales take place. But after she is sent away to Dartmoor to escape the Blitz, she finds herself trapped in one of her mother’s darker tales when she is abducted by Der Erlkönig: the ruthless hunter king who haunts the woodlands. Insisting that her family owes him a great debt, Sylvia is forced into servitude within the castle at the heart of the Underwood. There she must use her skills as a seamstress to navigate this strange world of spirits and, one day, earn back her freedom. But when she meets the King’s beautiful, red-haired gamekeeper, her needlework suddenly begins taking on a life of its own. If the King discovers these new “talents” of hers, will he ever want to let her go?


My story follows a bestselling author whose fictional character comes to life. A quirky modern fairytale about triumph over adversity, and learning to see past prejudice.

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