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If you’re looking for something short and adventurous, you may like mine.

Title: Scarlett Burn - Vol I
Genre: Fantasy/adventure
Description: Scarlett never intended to become an explorer. She only wanted to capture the elusive enemy known as time.


Well, I have a memoir about my life, and I am female??? Does that count???

Title: Schrodinger’s Child
Author: Meri Strickland
Summary: Meri, even since she was a child, has always felt invisible. Purely, completely, undeniably invisible. When her mother, tormented by the demons of substance abuse and mental illness, physically abused her siblings in her place? Invisible. When the other children at school taunted her and avoided her like the plague? Invisible. And later when she struggled with depression, forcing herself daily to go through the motions, even though she couldn’t find a single reason why she should? Invisible. All her life it has appeared that she is the only one who can see herself drowning. Maybe, she thinks, it’s not that they don’t see: it’s that they don’t care.

The concept of Schrodinger’s cat has always resonated with her. Shove a cat into a box, hide it away from prying eyes, and suddenly it is both alive and dead at the same time. It’s there and not there, healthy and unhealthy, real and unreal, as long as it remains unobserved. This is what Erwin Schrodinger himself would have called an observer’s paradox. It’s so ridiculous, he argued, that it simply cannot be true. Meri knows better. She can’t speak for Schrodinger’s cat, but she has always felt that she is Schrodinger’s child. Living but lifeless, mature but childlike, an unobserved observer, she is trapped between two worlds that no person should ever have to inhabit at once. Adulthood is lurking just around the corner for her, but even so, she cannot help but wonder; if there is no clear fate for Schrodinger’s cat, then what-if anything-will happen to her?


My story has a female lead with elements of Action, Science Fiction, and Romance. I currently have 16 chapters posted.



A car accident wiped Veye’s memory at ten years old. Since then, she struggles to find her own identity while riddled with constant stress and short-term memory loss. Her guardians aren’t keen on helping her with these burdens. In fact, they’re keen on keeping Veye out of the way and asking little questions about her past as possible.

Veye works for Quantum, her guardians espionage agency, and likes to think she’s a good person. She risks her life for people she doesn’t know. Making sure they don’t suffer needlessly. Even outside of work she does everything with good intentions. Yet after a series of mistakes, she tarnishes her good girl streak and questions if being good is in her nature.

Her situation doesn’t improve as the consequences pile up and trouble arises in the city. In the midst of her problems, a crafty stranger offers peace of mind for her cooperation with his inhumane plans. The webs of lies and secrets about her past untangle. As Veye gets closer to the truth, and uncovers more than she expected, she wonders:

What if she was never meant to be good?

What if she was born to be evil?


|FEATURED BY WATTPAD’S Something Old, Something New Chicklit!|

“And In Her Smile, I See Something More Beautiful Than All The Stars.”

Paisley Teller loses her mom to cancer. She ends up moving to a new state, leaving all her friends behind. She has to make a new life with her abusive Aunt and Uncle along with selfish, spoiled, and annoying kids. She ends up falling for a boy every girl wishes they could have.

Join Paisley on her long journey with annoying cousins, new friends, cute boys, laughter, and sleepless nights.

Username::wattpad: TheSolSoldier_

Summary Gist: Paisley Teller loses her mother to cancer, and feels like she’s lost all hope; her aunt and uncle have to take her on as part of the family. Paisley feeling so lost and unwelcomed finds three boys who turn her world around and welcome her home.

Thank you so much for considering to read my story!!:hearts:



Can You Hear Them?

Cahya Soulton was born a banshee, given the gifts to see the dead as well as feel the deaths of others, present or future. But all she wants to do is go through college, with her witch of a best friend, without any troubles. But that isn’t easy when someone keeps killing the supernatural and Cahya has no choice but to listen to the cries of the dead.

While trying to live a normal life, Cahya and her best friend Mireya Alires make friends but as students begin dying it’s getting hard to ignore what’s going on. Especially when one of her new friends becomes one of the latest victims attacked by a mysterious beast. So she decides that in order to continue on with her new life at school, Cahya will have to involve herself.

Even if it means risking her own life.

I hope you get the chance to read, and hopefully enjoy, my story!


In all my life, time hadn’t mattered until I met her, until my brain calculated just how many days we would have together and never, even through a million lifetimes would it ever be enough. The fear of losing her was what made me realize, truly, what love was. It wasn’t just chemicals and primal fears, it was the knowledge of how fleeting everything was and the depressing knowledge that no matter how hard we clutch something, it will always slip through our fingers like sand. Love, I came to know, was clutching the sand—though futile—and enjoying every grain that dropped.

And I clutched at Mar with timeless desire.

Young Adult Sci-fi Romance. Speed Racer meets Bladerunner.


Lizzy & Darcy

When Lizzy Bennet left New York and moved to Hertford, a small town in Washington, she knew that everything was going to be different. What she didn’t know was that she would meet someone who would change her life forever.
Darcy Williams is the reigning queen of Hertford Academy, and when Lizzy and Darcy clash, sparks of fury, and something more, fly. It confuses them both and Lizzy starts to discover her true self.

Lizzy must navigate through new emotions, friendships and hardships, all while dealing with her four sisters, an eccentric father, and a mother who, despite being in the West for years, is still trying to find a balance between her Indian heritage and her mixed family.

Junior year for Lizzy Bennet is going to be quite eventful.

Inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.


This book has a very large underlying journey of discovering what power and freedom means when a woman is controlled from all sides! Hopefully you might be interested :smiley:


The world will end in fire and ash.

Scorched by the flame–

A grief that consumes.

The Lesser will betray, and

The Greater to hell he dooms.

For twenty years, Jensen Avery has been raised with the knowledge that at the rise of the moon on her twenty-first birthday, she will murder her twin brother. It is a tradition that she had been born to carry-out.

She is the all-powerful monster of her people; destined for glory; destined for isolation.

Jensen has never wanted to be the monster the world takes her for, but a tragedy shakes her life and rocks her resolve. For the first time, she begins to genuinely fear for the very state of her soul. She could see the darkness forming in her eyes and she knew that it would consume her if she stayed.

So she ran.

She didn’t expect to get far and she didn’t expect to meet Kaleo. An unexpected and volatile partnership, the longer she stays with him, the closer she grows to losing the best parts of herself.

It is a lesson she learned long ago: darkness cannot sire light and monsters cannot truly love.

But, is it a lesson that she will continue to heed?


My novel is basically a story about friendship and love so I hope that you fancy that sort of thing!
The Kingdom
“The Gods love a great show”

Told she was the only hope for a world that is on the brink of war Elina goes on a quest to a different world. Meeting the powerful soon to be queens she realizes what she knows may be a lie. Finding out the secrets of the castle, learning not everything is as it seems, romantic love, and finding friendship.
By @bookworm52086


If you want strong female leads, there are three main characters in my book that embody that sort of archetype. It’s dark fantasy and it’s still in the works (four chapters and a prologue) but I plan to have new chapters out every week, or twice every week if my schedule allows. Thank you in advance

Tierra: a world where four races exist amongst one another. To the west lie the devils, the east lie the humans, the north lie the angels, and the south lie the changelings. Within this world, none have more strained relations than that of the angels and the devils. A hybrid between them…unthinkable

Enter Astra Rose-Im, the top agent of The Foundation for Global Relations. Half human and half demon-angel hybrid, she has never quite found anywhere to call her home. Within her facade of a benign field agent, she holds a greater secret: having allied herself with a deity in order to stop a race war from occuring between angels and demons, each led by their own patron gods, all in exchange for the chance enact revenge against someone who had wronged her.

In tow with her fellow agents Nalani Nocht and Kallista Krei, will she be able to stop this war? Furthermore, will she be able to break free of her own personal demons? Find out within Genocide Dogma.