Stories written on marriage?



How many of you like to read stories based on marriage and how people rekindle their love after years of being together?


Not… not much. Though it’s great when that is something in the story. It is very nice but that alone, needs drama. Needs excitement. I think it definitely has potential, if plotted well.


Not ones I see often, but I also don’t look for them. I’m more interested in the introduction of a relationship and the new excitement it brings with.

Small glances, tingling touches, nervousness first dates and first kisses, getting to know each other.

Those are the things I want to experience again through books and movies.

I like ‘second chance’ stories, where they come back into each other’s lives, but I’m not a fan of jumping into a story when the relationship has already experienced all those magical firsts without me.


I like the sound of that, but as a sub-plot to something else.

For example, an adventure novel where the quest or journey is the main part. But the two main characters going through that experience together helps to rekindle their love.

But overall, speaking as a 20 year old, a story simply based on that doesn’t interest me (yet). Maybe in my later years…


I’d be interested. Especially as I get older I like to see marriage dynamics in stories. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the butterflies and falling in love, but it’s rarer to see something a little deeper. An evolving, growing love after the infatuation phase has passed.


Dude, what’s the point of that whole romance story that came before it, if it didn’t eventually lead to the couple wanting to spend their lives together in marriage? I love stories about marriage, because that’s when the real s**t starts. That’s when the idea of love is challenged to the finest limit. I’m talking drama, and then the best make-up sex you’ve ever had. I think marriage stories are underrated. We often forget that after the cute little romance story begins, it continues, for better or for worse. And I want to see more marriage stories. I have written a few, but of course, they weren’t as popular as a blooming romance on Wattpad. And I don’t mean to discriminate on age, but I think its a generational thing. We can relate more to romance that is within our chapter of life, and since marriage is more of 30’s and up kind of thing now, I think it is harder to pitch its relatability to younger Wattpaders. But of course, to each her/his own. I’m all for it though.


As someone who has been with her husband for 18 years, while much of what happens between my husband and myself is romantic to us, I don’t think others would find it that way.

Ours is a slow, comfortable and mundane love. (And we are very happy with it that way) It’s things like bringing the other person a cup of coffee in bed. Putting on their socks for them when they throw their back out :joy: Etc.

It makes me think of that famous line from Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina -

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

So a happy and functioning marriage isn’t the most thrilling fiction to read.

Of course you can turn the screws on the characters and make things fall apart and then put things back together.

The reality again here is that no marriage is perfect 100% of the time, so any couple that has staying power does this dance of reconnecting after the tough spots (time and time again through the years).

But again, it’s usually not Romance novel type stuff - it’s everyday daily considerations - small and subtle ways of showing that the other person matters to you, etc.

And if you turn the screws too hard you might end up with an unappealing story - it might seem unrealistic (way too over the top dramatic) or people might root against the couple (say if you make one cheat)

It’s a tough sell.

The other thing to think about is… when folks meet new people (go on a vacation, or go to a party, etc) what’s one of the questions a couple is asked?

How did you two meet?

18 years deep and new people still will ask us this.

Everyone enjoys telling their own little love stories of where they met, how they fell in love, when they knew s/he was ‘the one’ and so on.

Nobody wants to know about how my husband scratches my back while we watch LivePD together :joy:


I haven’t looked for it, no. I think most people do t because they want to live out their fantasies in the romance genre and marriage isn’t a naughty/sexy fantasy.



Of course there are books that are about marriage/s but they are usually either Chick Lit or Literary genres, not Romance.

So it might be a light-hearted, funny with romantic moments kind of book, or a really deep and thematic exploration of the institution of marriage or character study of the characters in the couple (which can include passionate moments)…

But I think most Romance genre readers are looking for those “early days” love stories.


I completely agree with you. The shit really hits the fan after you get married. I write about both new romances as well as married couples. But, as someone who’s been married for a long time, the harder and more interesting things happen after marriage. Especially given how high divorce rates are, couples who are able to stay married have a lot of interesting stories.


If done right, it could be good. But there needs to be conflict. Something that drives the story and brings them to the brink of separation or divorce…or some other type of event occurs that bring the characters to the end of themselves and their relationship grows in some manner.

It needs conflict, and it needs change. I wrote a fantasy story with romantic elements where the two main characters were already married, but they go through a life changing experience that tests them both.


Yeah I agree with you there. You have more drama after marriage than before


I am currently writing one about an arranged marriage and how the couple moves towards polyamory to help them experience new things and be supportive of each other’s romantic interests.


Most of my books’ healthy relationships are based on our 17 year marriage.


Are any of your stories published on Wattpad? Didn’t see any on your profile


I would love to read it sometime.


No. I’ve pulled all of my books off Wattpad and Quotev because I’m a lightning bug for controversy. I thought I would be able to ride it out, but people just want to be dicks about it and so on and so, I’ve made it policy to remove all of my work online from the public forum.

I have one book published, but people are just going to have to wait until my other books become available.

It’s a decision I should have made 20 years ago, but I underestimated people’s hostility towards new and different things and ideas. It’s a mistake I’m not making again.