What cast do you prefer or usually use? What are your favourite celebrities?


I use a lot of Game of Thrones actors (cause there are so many of them and they’re all so good), actors from other TV shows or movies I like, and usually people with distinctive faces or looks.


I don’t cast celebrities. My characters aren’t these perfect, unrealistic TV faces. I just look up pics of random people on the internet hoping for a match.


Good! It might be weird, but I’ve never watched game of thrones! Maybe I should. So many people love it, so there must be a reason why


Original, really. Maybe this is the best way to choose the right cast


I definitely recommend it, it’s an utterly fantastic show and easily one of my all time favorites. The writing, acting and cinematography are absolutely stellar.

(It’s pretty intense though, so if you’re squeamish to gore, sex, or sexual assault, I recommend watching through VidAngel (an app that lets you cut out particularly graphic scenes).)


oohh, got it. You know, I don’t watch so many tv series. But if I’ll ever have some time, I’ll surely give a look


I just cast the first person that comes to mind I guess. Most of these are celebrities that hopefully people have heard of :smile:


But they’re usually celebrities you love, right?


For me it’s hard to actually make up people in my head, so I just go to pinterest and type whatever trait they have and start searching. And I also have a board for faceclaims just in case I ever need them.


I second this. Game of Thrones is my favorite T.V. show of all time. I’ve read all the books too. Intriguing storyline and complex characters. Highly recommend it, but it’s not for everyone, which I understand.


And to answer the question, I tend to avoid instantly recognizable celebrities, because it’s too mainstream and makes it more difficult to imagine them as someone famous. I tend to go for the celebrities that are not the first people to pop to mind and the underrated ones that people may not know, but they still fit the character. This is mainly because my characters come from my imagination and it’s hard to find a celebrity who looks like a figment of my imagination. :joy:


Most of the time yeah


I try to make a cast of models that look like how I envisioned my characters, and then make a note in the book. The note basically says that my cast was used to give the readers an idea of the characters, and that it is encouraged to make their own modifications.


I should use pinterest. It’s an interesting app, especially for this stuff


Well, I’m completely opposite from you. I only use famous people. They help me to imagine the scene in a better way. But I think, that it’s better to create a singular character- imagine or real or whatever-


So do I. Except for the notes. But I usually put models in the cast. Such as Barbara Palvin. Do you know her? I completely love her


Lol, same, I love her too. And Lucky Blue. But sometimes I feel like they’re used a lot in casts.


LUCKY BLUE. I haven’t heard about him since a lot of time. He’s so handsome, and yes, you’re right about them


Model castings I enjoy too.

Baptiste Mayeux is definitely good casting material. I mean, look AT THIS DELICIOUS SPECIMEN