I go looking for actors that have the acting chomps to pull off the characters.

Well, and I’m hopeless when it comes to finding young actors, so I start googling and looking not only at pictures but also what critics say about their abilities. I usually end up with a face that is 5 years younger than the actor is today, though. Lol


Yeah, I tend to prefer actors over models, because I like trying to imagine a face claim who is actually capable of playing the character should the book be turned into a movie or T.V. show adaptation. But if I can’t find any actors, I turn to models.


I don’t use casts at all. My characters tend to not look how celebs look so… :frowning_face:


I usually use Henry Cavill and model Jake Bass ^^


my current cast is a mixture of well-known actors, models, and lesser-known influencers. i tend not to release them because i don’t want to ruin readers’ personal images of my characters, and i also know that everyone i choose tends to be very very…gorgeous, and sort of samey. which is not representative of the glorious differences between everyone in real life.

i like to just think of my cast as a vague facial structure/colouring guide for the character, then add in more realistic aspects to their appearance in my writing if i need to. i’m also not huge on character description to begin with, because i like to leave it up to the readers’ imaginations. :blush:


I got you​:wink::heart_eyes:


What a mission​:sweat::joy:


Wow. How can you? I can’t write without a a cast!


You’re totally right. Readers must imagine every character on their own. It’s a bit wrong that we put a cast in the story, not letting them choice


I’ve honestly never heard of casts until I signed up at Wattpad (which was two years ago) so it never occurred to me to write with one.

I still don’t really know what the use of them are for the writer, to be perfectly honest :joy:


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It did strike me as a frog at first, but I was very confused as to why a frog would have so much hair.


Hairy frog!


i thought it was two sloths hugging each other! i need an eye test :tired_face:


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Well usually when I read a book, I always visualize the characters from the actors/actress that I know.


I usually imagine the Alpha or the bad boy as Matthew Mcgue (insta - @matt_mcgue)