Story doesn't show up under "New"

Checked out of curiosity. Looked under new Fantasy, couldn’t find it despite having updated yesterday. Still plenty of romances, fanfics, Kpop stuff, stories updated several days ago, and stories with hundreds of thousands of views, but my story didn’t even appear.

Makes it feel real worthwhile posting on Wattpad when the way the site “works” makes it all but impossible to actually have new readers find you if you don’t already have thousands of views and votes.

There’s too many stories, I think. Your story might’ve been there for a second and then it got changed out again.

It might also run on the famous algorithm - which isn’t always working the best.

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The site’s tags are buggy and have been buggy about as long as I’ve been on the site. I’m thinking that it applies to “new” just the same as “rising” and “hot” (what is the difference??). Weirdly, these tag bugs do NOT seem to promote only the already-popular stories; click on the Superhero tag, and you’ll see all sorts of stories, mostly fan fiction written by kids, some of whom have as low as 10 or 20 views even in the “hot” category. You will likely NOT see stories like No Capes or Diary of a Teenage Superhero, or generally any of the legitimately popular superhero fictions.

The search function, not the tag function, works more accurately. I searched “magicalgirl” and found your story almost immediately when filtering for “updated this week.” I did not find it on “updated today” though. upon rereading the OP that would obviously be because it did not update today lol