story game


share a sentence from a story you’ve been writing, and the next person has to share a sentence from their story that starts with the letter the previous sentence ended with :slight_smile:

i’ll start:

A thick veil of smoke emanated from the shabby, run-down bars and gambling parlors.


She’d been so suspicious of him and there had been no reason for her to be, no matter how hard she’d searched for one.

This will be the most random story ever but I like it already


. Eyes widening, she clasped her hands over her mouth.


Piper gasped, choking slightly on her own spit as she gulped down her fear and nervously trod forward, her golden eyes swivelling at every flicker of movement amongst the shadows.


She handed me a beautiful silver sword with ornate designs on it.


The moonlight reflected off the silver blade as she swung it around, testing it’s power.


Remember when we made Master Cholar’s chair a little bit taller every day until he could no longer sit on it?


There are obvious junkies and undeniable drunks, fresh looking youngsters that probably came to L.A. hoping for their big break in acting or music, slick men in suits that could either be Hollywood agents or mobsters, and everyone in between, gathering under the flickering neon lights for a night of fun and games.