Story Insights Reports?



I just got an email from Wattpad offering the new Story Insights Report. It costs $85 USD. I’m feeling highly skeptical that it could be worth the money, but I know there were a few people selected earlier to get sample Story Insights Reports done for free.

Has anyone had any experience with them? If yes, what’d you think?

If not, is this a service you would pay for? Which parts seem most valuable?

The ad email says it provides:

  • a Writing and Readability score based on grammar and sentence structure
  • a list of Similar Stories to connect with other writers
  • shows what your core reader base is also reading, which other genres they enjoy, and which other stories are most popular with your readers.

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Ouch $85? As curious as I am about those stats for my books that is ridiculously steep. I mean I personally wouldn’t pay any money for wattpad stats since they’d have no functional use outside of wattpad, but $85 is way too high.


Agree. Without more context, the price seems really arbitrary to me. Like…how much work is involved in creating one of these reports in order to make it cost so much??

I’d be surprised if writers actually bought it, and kind of sad. It feels like an attempt to take advantage of people’s desire to improve their writing and build an audience.


Here’s the original thread that mentioned it: Wattpad HQ Beta Test: apply for a story insights report

And another with a discussion about someone randomly selected for the report: What do you think about WPLabs Beta Program - Story Insights?


Thanks! Maybe I’ll try to reach out to the person who was definitely selected to participate.


I’m curious about the “Writing and Readability score.” Is it just a number? Or actual insight into the writing/grammar and how it could be improved? The rest of it isn’t even worth paying for.


They’d definitely be able to offer you insight as to if it’s worth the money or not.


I think it’s based off of an algorithm.

EDIT: And according to the sample, it gives you a numerical score on a scale, and honestly it looks pretty useless to me. From the sample: A 3 means “Your grammar and sentence structure is not getting in the way of the story you have to tell, but it’s not necessarily adding any value to your story either.” And then it goes on to say the sample could benefit from more editing, and to check out the links to writing resources on page 6 of the report. I’m not impressed.


Yeah it sounds like a bum deal. $85 is a lot of money to ask for these days. Especially considering the core demographic of Wattpad. Asking them to throw $5 - $10 at a their favourite authore for a book may be fine. But $85 for something that has almost no value outside of Wattpad is too much. And it’s not like we make money from Wattpad so that makes it a liability rather than a worthwhile investment. :-1:t6:


I’d understand spending that kind of money to get a full analysis if you’re in the Next programme or if you’re on Amazon… And while seeing that analysis would get all of my data jollies going, what am I supposed to do with it? Figure out how to gain more readers and then what? I mean, readers are cool and all, but it’s just a virtual number. It doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things.


Agreed! I think the saddest part is that I’m not convinced it has that much value even WITHIN Wattpad. I’d rather have a good beta reader.


Exactly what I’m wondering…but yaaay for the data jollies! :smile:


Hahahaha, I wish I had just jumped on test back in the day - but that video interview, man… :grimacing:


I’d agree with you, except the Next Beta authors already had HQ looking at their stories ahead of the programme, so I wouldn’t be suprised if they had this kind of insight already. Plus their work is already being heavily advertised so…


Yeah, this is great if you wanna expand your business - but for the vast majority of us, this isn’t a business. And for a small minority, this is another platform to advertise their business (whether it being on Radish or Amazon or another place)
And there’s 50 authors who’re in the Next programme.

This seems like something that’d be helpful for the small minority maybe? If we really have to stretch the usability? (I’m reaching a bit here…)


Thank you for linking it to my Report on the Report :rofl: :heart:


I agree that’s quite a lot, but there are professionals behind this and the complex algorithm that was developed over the years :thinking:

It would be great if they would offer parts - The score, reading lists, and co, and each could be purchased for a certain amount. Buying them separately would be more expensive than the bulk, but you would get only the part that would interest you :slight_smile:


I think the questions is if this paid report is longer/deeper than the free one was.

I got another email for providing further info about this program, including the cost. I suggested the variable value - Next, Stars and Premium could have one free per month plus some discount on any other during that month. The Free user could get one per month but only after winning in some contest or being randomly picked.

This would allow people to get some pro feedback, and in return, HQ would get data on how to move this program forward and who to add/remove.


Haven’t checked my email but I never gotten what others have. :sweat_smile: But I don’t think I’m worth helping anyway OTL


I was one of the 20 selected and I had a similar question asked on this… All I can say is that I wouldn’t pay (that much money for it). If there were more specific details then I perhaps would, but not for what was offered (which was more or less just the sample report they gave but tailored to your story).

I definitely appreciated the time they took to make the report, but unless there were a few improvements to it in terms of details, specifics and perhaps adding a few more things to it, I wouldn’t really pay money for it… And definitely not that much.

Though it was interesting to find out that a lot of readers of my teen fiction are also fans of the werewolf genre. So if I ever decide to branch out in that direction, at least I know I’d already have a bit of an audience for it. XD

I’m also still really curious as to how many people applied T_T

Also, judging from the thread that was linked above and the fact that those at Wattpad HQ are aware of my thoughts, I’m assuming that they’re okay with me giving my views on the matter, but if not, I sincerely apologise and am okay with having this post deleted…