Story Insights Reports?



I have multiple email addresses, and I got this one from the email that’s different from the one I have set up with my Wattpad account. I think I did use that one when I applied to be a tester for this new insight report, though. It wouldn’t surprise me if Wattpad was only targeting people they think would be interested.


I received this email too, though when I click on the Learn More button I get an error message: can’t find the URL. Anyone else have that problem? I replied to the email to let Danielle know.

The information could be somewhat interesting, but I can think of other data I’d rather have. Like, what percentage of readers binge my story (say, read it all within 24 hours), and how does that compare to other stories on Wattpad? Or what percentage dropped my book after the first chapter, and how does that compare? Or which chapter of my book showed the biggest drop in readers? In other words, specifics about user engagement.

I realize we have Stats, but one problem I find in interpreting them is the fact that readers coming back to leave comments counts as Views. So for example, sometimes a comment thread gets going in a chapter and readers keep coming back to reply to it. Usually it’s just fun stuff and has little to do with the story. But then if I were to just look at the stats, it appears I lost a lot of readers after that chapter. So I wonder if HQ has any way to separate out the actual Reads from the Returned-to-add-a-comment Views.

Either way, it would be quite interesting to be able to compare your story engagement values to the average here on WP.


I received an email as well. For all of us that provides free content for the site. I am slightly upset about the price, 85.00 US. I think that Wattpad could have lessen the cost for us - after all we do provide them with their content, their bread and butter. We are the content creators? I find this somewhat insulting to charge such a high price. We make nothing off our stories but are expected to pay for this kind of feedback. It’s a slap in the face to all of us Authors. Bring down the price and maybe more will be inclined to buy this overview, at this time there is no way I would pay that much for something that a data bot compiles. Sorry if I seem harsh but that’s a lot of money especially for those of us that make nothing on our stories but supply several stories and even series for Wattpad to make money off of through ads. This is actually belittling, it says we aren’t worth enough to them to give us something for a discounted price or even free. Wattpad missed it’s mark, they could have helped their Authors elevate themselves, empowered their writing through feedback. Instead, they want to help their authors through a paywall. We provide the content and they are charging us? I just don’t get this at all…My thoughts. We deserve better, we authors deserve better. We matter. We have a voice and we shouldn’t have to pay for this. We should be given this kind of data to help us. The more we are helped the more our stories grow to make readers have a more memorable experience. The more the reader loves the stories, the more they are inclined to stay on Wattpad to read. It’s a full circle but this stops the circle through money…


Are we sure it’s actually a bot? I’m thinking the price is so high because there are people doing this, so to justify them putting in the time, they need to see some sort of pay-back.

(Mind you, I still think $85 for data is too high)


I’m saying for the data collection part. A data bot. I just think 85.00 US before the holidays for me is too much. I feel that the price could be brought down or this could be given to us for free for one of our stories, after all we work hours and hours on our words. It would be nice to be able to access this without a pay wall. I’m just afraid where all this is heading for Authors, things will start costing money little by little. A fee here a fee there.


But is it a bot collecting data though? Or is it people collecting the data and then setting it up so it’s understandable? That’s what I wanna know.


My email says Wattpad lab Beta program. The insights are derived from algorithms and machine learning…nothing human reading our manuscripts.


So parts of it is by machine - but parts of it has to be human too. Not the reading part, but actually collecting the data from what the machine has learned and stuff.

I guess I’m trying to figure out why they’d set the price so high.:thinking:


They never said anything about human, just data bots and algorithms.


Maybe it’s implied? Someone has to collect the data and put it into spreadsheets and stuff. I don’t know how raw data looks, but I’d imagine it doesn’t look very understandable for someone who doesn’t know how to read it.

But honestly, I have no idea. Just tossing out theories :joy:


I just feel upset about the high cost. That’s all. My thoughts. Wish it was cheaper.


Personally, I would never pay for this. (And $85 seems crazy high!) The thing is, I feel like there are work-arounds for what is being offered.

a Writing and Readability score based on grammar and sentence structure

I’m pretty sure you can plug your writing into things like the Hemingway app, and it does something similar. Flags messy sentences, gives your writing a “grade level” equivalent, things like that.

a list of Similar Stories to connect with other writers

I mean… just go to your genre and leave comments on people’s works… Eventually you’re gonna connect with some of them.

shows what your core reader base is also reading, which other genres they enjoy, and which other stories are most popular with your readers.

I’ve noticed when my story gets added to reading lists, there’s usually a couple other books that end up on the same list a lot. (I’ve ended up on a tons of lists with Kissing is the Easy Part, for example). Isn’t this just the point of reading lists in general?

I’d be interested in the analytics if they were free, but I don’t think you’d be getting any bang for your buck if you paid for them.


I agree with everything you said. You’re so right.


I feel like perhaps I should send you $85.


Haha you’d probably get more out of it than if you bought that report. And I gladly accept all cash contributions :wink:


Even if it would a robot/program doing the first analysis, somebody (and I mean a big team of people) had to make this algorithm, and it could take years to complete.

The other part of the price could be real reads from pros doing something deeper. If the program gives them what was given for free, they can expand it by actually reading and brainstorming in a group that is assigned to your story.

Yes, it’s a lot and there is no info what it includes or specific examples, so I can completely understand why almost nobody is interested in investing in unknown results :wink:


We do know the results though. Someone has already gotten this when it was a test.

Anyways, yes. That was my point.


I meant those results in the free-test weren’t (or didn’t seem) to be worth of $85, and this new report can go deeper than that. I was asked to provide some feedback on it and how to improve it as I was one of the selected people.

So, if they would go and put (let’s say - Top 5 Mistakes) that would require a change in the algorithm or people doing it manually.

Somebody else suggested how many readers spend a certain time on your story or how often (once per day/week or just a couple of chapters and never returning).

Is video-call part of it? Like talking with somebody who read (let’s say) half of your book so they can provide better feedback on the plot and development. How often it would be and for how long? :wink:


And while all of that might be super cool to know - what would people need it for if they’re not in Next or already self-published on Amazon? :thinking:

Like spending $85 is a lot for something that’s cool to know. In the end Wattpad is all virtual numbers that don’t really mean anything. They’re cool numbers, but outside of Wattpad they don’t mean anything.

I think that’s why it seems super expensive - because it’s essentially cool, but useless.


I agree with that. Theoretically, it can be useful if somebody is seriously thinking about publishing paper books, but as you mentioned, for such price it goes for Amazon established authors, Star or Next program as a normal user don’t want or can’t invest so much.

I really hope they will open free application to spread the program more and show us what it delivers and what not :slight_smile: