Story Insights Reports?



Well, I hope so too. I thought they were doing the test to see what kind of info we’d want in the stats area :confused:


Yeah, that’s what I thought when I applied to test it. Now that I see where they were actually going with it, though, it makes some sense. Personally, I live in the fanfic part of Wattpad, where all of us do everything for free, and a lot of what I do (reviews, editing, giving advice, etc.) is entirely motivated by just wanting to help people write better stories. I was hopeful that if everyone had easy access to a Writing and Readability score, for example, they might be more motivated to seek out ways to improve their grammar and sentence structure and the overall quality of works on the platform would increase.

But there’s obviously a difference between me doing my thing and Wattpad doing theirs. I can do all the things I do on Wattpad because I have a completely unrelated job that pays the bills. Wattpad is in the position of needing to continue offering free things to readers and writers while also finding ways to make money through the same website. It’s the only way Wattpad can survive as a business, so I really don’t blame them for trying a bunch of different strategies to see what might work.

Maybe this report will prove to be useful to a certain target audience, like people who self publish (or want to) and are trying to use Wattpad as a place to get more readers. If so, I’ll be perfectly happy that it’s part of the site because I love Wattpad and want it to continue to succeed.


I think you’re very right!

But also, I find trying out novels on Wattpad to be slightly problematic, unless you’re trying out in one of the bigger genres. I mean, I’ve seen an uthor have her books on here, and they gathered around 300 reads - and at the same time she’s a fairly successful traditionally published author out in “the real world.”

So while Wattpad is a good simulator for your books - I think it comes with a lot of “depends” too.

But yeah, some might be super excited about this. I just don’t see a whole lot of people paying $85 for it. But maybe I’m just a cheap-sake. And I’m still finding it hard to come up with a reason why the average Wattpadder would ever need this.

I’m all for Wattpad earning money btw - but I’m not sure this is a good product to begin with.


Yeah, I’m also not sure if this particular product will succeed. I’m basically just saying that I’m not at all bothered by Wattpad offering it in order to find out.


Oh nah, me neither. All power to the people wanting to buy it and to Wattpad offering it.

It just ain’t for me.


Perfectly said.

It feels like wasting money.


I personally would like to see what the report says about 1 of my novels. From what the sample shows it would be a great way to learn where my writing needs developed more. However, that price tag is entirely too steep. I could see paying like $25 max for it. Also, as some other posts pointed out Wattpad’s main demographic is high school and college students. They don’t have that kind of expendable income laying around for that. Great product, but incredibly overpriced.


I might have missed something in the report…which part of the sample shows you ways in which your writing needs to be developed? I didn’t see anything that gives specific ways to improve writing.


It grades your grammar and sentence structure. That could be useful information, especially if you score low. It also grades readability, which could be useful as well. Either way though, it’s not worth what they want for it.


I don’t think I’d want to pay at all if I was given a numerical score without much contextual information. Would you pay $25 dollars for a reader to comment on your story, “Your grammar is not very good. You should edit more.”

And I don’t know enough about the metric they’re using to judge readability. It sounds like it’s able to factor in sentence structure and vocabulary, but I’d be interested to know if it took into account plot, character, world building, or other elements of story structure. My guess is that it doesn’t.


I think that it does that in the last part where it compares your story to others on Wattpad. You’re right though, without specific examples of grammar and sentence structure, it’d be more difficult to see where development is needed. If I scored a 1 though, I think that I’d be scrutinizing everything lol.


Heck to the nah, to the nah nah nah!


I think I duplicated the question here > Year stats :flushed:

So, this report is like paying for a light version of a marketing report the likes that IBIS World generates.
I get that it offers a local market insight to a writer’s competitors. So appreciate that it offers some value.

The information in the report is light. Cringing to say this, but I don’t see it helping writers much in trying to understand how their actual story is competing/positioned within their intended and actual market/category/genre. It also doesn’t show how the story itself is trending.

Nor does it actually point out if there are indirect competitors leading a trend that impacts on writer’s story. It tells me what other readers were reading, but is this an actual indirect competitor positioning?

It doesn’t mention tag rankings, which could be one way used to determine market positioning on a book. Example: what tag and tag mix made your book #1? that sort of thing.

It lacks analytics.

My question is, why not also include this analytics into the stats functionality we already have?
Have this report as a value add option to extract a deeper version writers can pay for if they want.

Example: Engagement screen would show real-time number of users vs percentage read.
They click on the option of paying for a detailed report that could:

  • compile the story’s verbatim and provide a deeper insight on writing style trends popular with readers (that clicked on writer’s book), other books in libraries writer’s book is listed in…
  • also if the verbatim was part of bookclub or other social groups (e.g was reviewed).

If I was to pay for $85, I’d rather pay for an annual subscription for real-time analytics for deeper insight to

  • how my own story reads are tracked over a 24hr/week/month/year period, and the availability of custom date filters.
  • Analytics with demographics: how many readers liked, where they liked, devices used to read the story, number of comments, when comments were made, were there any referral links made out of the comments, did the story take more that 3 sec to load, what tags/tag mix ranked my story higher/lower… etc

That sort of thing. This is just my wishlist :grin:

PS: sorry for the marketing ramble. I will forget that I read a book on marketing and refresh my brain for creativity. :flushed: Now off to write.