Story Promote: I want to read- post your stories! (Nothing over 1K reads, please)


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Hi! I want to read your stories- send them in! I might not get to then all but I’ll try- and please, no stories with over 1K reads, please, I like to read works not alot of people have read. :smiley:


Here is mine that’s under 1k!'s-vanquish


Thanks, I’ll start reading right away!


Hope you enjoy it!! And if not, feel free to let me know why! I always love every kind of feedback. It can only help!


Do you prefer a specific genre at all? I got one werewolf, one paranormal, and one teen fiction.


Hey @SermiaMagistre
I have wrote Fantasy Romance genre

Its about Alpha king and Vampire Queen
I hope u will find it interesting and give it a try

i will give some introductions and links

What happens when the Vampire Queen is mated with Alpha King???
is it possible?
will both species revolt or accept them happily?
will they accept each other?
what happen when they have to face the enemy together?

A prophecy which tells that she will be mated to an Alpha but what happens when she comes to know that he is Alpha King?

Katherine Ainsel, the most feared yet soft hearted queen of vampire with all her past and trust issues has a mate who is ruthless and heartless. He despises vampires and does not a want mate.

What happens when he finds his mate that too a Vampire Queen?


Thanks for doing this! :smile:
Here’s mine:


I’m excited to give it a try!


You’re welcome!


My friend @FireAlwaysReturns has a great book called The Alpha’s Flame! I recommend it :calmwolf:


Please do give it a try… Thank you…read a few chapters and give me suggestions… they are always welcome❤


Hi i have a few books on my profile that are under 1k reads.

I currently have “The Christmas Note” which is a completed fun easy Christmas romance

Or I have “Fisherman waters” which is the third book in a series, but also a stand alone. Its another really easy quick read.

Id love your opinion on either or


Oo yeah, I started reading that one and got so busy I haven’t had the chance to catch up, but I’ll go rad the updates! thanks!


No worries, X3


A lot of my books are under 1K reads. Out of my original fiction, only Dead!, Spotlight, and Villains For Hire are over 1K, but most of my fanfics are over this amount. I’m not sure what sort of genres you like, so feel free to look through my profile and see what interests you.


Awesome, I’d be happy to try at least one of those!


I’ll do that, thank you! :slight_smile:


Thanks! :smiley:




No, not really, I have to admit I’ve never read werewolf or paranormal. :slight_smile: