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Title :waiting for her love
Genre: spiritual
Blurb: " No papa ! I can’t marry him! ,how do you expect me to marry the person I don’t no and at this young age ? Papa ?" Th e girl stated crying to her father
" that’s final ,you are marrying him" her father said.
"But papa ,why do you want me to marry him? Is it because of his wealth or reputation? Uhn?"she said vigorously
“Is this how your parent force you ? No papa? Please but papa why me ? Can’t he find another beautiful ,cute , rich , funny ,intelligent than me ? But papa I dnt have anything special and I don’t know how to do anything more than to disturb and trouble ,I will just frustrate him papa " she pleaded with her father
" is either you marry him or I disown you as my child” her father said angrily and went inside
She still weeping on the floor she knelt before idea form in her brain.laughing evilly "I will make regret the day he set is eyes on me ,I’m going to destroy him ,I’m going to make him divorce me " …



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Title: Dissonance

Summary: Colleen Baker is the black sheep of a neighborhood-envied family. While the gated community offers the Bakers an elevator lift to the top of every social ladder, Colleen clings to the lower rungs. This is much to the dismay of her people-pleasing parents, who seek nothing more than the forced friendships as self-validation. When her unorthodox ways pose too great a threat to the indomitable Baker name, it is time for her to be shipped off to boarding school.

Upon arrival, Colleen’s entire outlook on life is changed. Amidst a haze of fragmenting relationships, she collects her serrated remains and pieces them together to discover herself, all the while becoming familiar with what true pain and love looks like, leading her to the friendships of a lifetime.

Follow Colleen on her obstacle-ridden journey to realization in ‘Dissonance’.




Title: New World

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Follow the story of Anthony, a boy who one day woke up with only the clothes on his back and his name, on a cliffside to a world which he didn’t recognize; a world in which he didn’t belong to. Alongside Jay, a cold but full-hearted-mentor to Anthony. Follow as they use the several “Book of Magic” arts to make connections throughout this cruel world and fight to find the truth.

Chapters: 16


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Hey, my story is in the theme of Fantasy Romance that has some adventure in it. I hope you like it because you can easily be attached to the characters. I have 9 chapters currently and I update every Thursday and/or Friday. Depends on my mood :wink:

Title : Fire and Ice
Summary : Thousands of years ago, the Azure and the Vermilion dragons started a war. Although no one knows how it started, generations upon generations of both of these dragons have been taught to despise and kill each other instantly.

The spirit of the dragons have been passed down to humans as a tribute to their kindness, but little did the humans know, that with the spirit of the dragons, came at a cost. The cost of instant bloodshed of each other.

The royal family of both these clans possesses the blood of the Azure and Vermilion dragon, who can shift from human to dragon at will. Many generations of the royal families tried to forge an alliance or a treaty with each other, but always end up betraying one another.

As a result from a new peace treaty, Princess Annamarie, the last Azure dragon descendant, is then forced into a political marriage by her own morals and principles with the brooding Prince Kyro who is popular for being a tyrant throughout the Vermilion Kingdom.

Although Prince Kyro seems to be the main threat, Annamarie has realized that there’s a larger threat looming above her head as she starts putting the pieces together.

With all these things in mind, Anna’s life is going to take a turn as it is going to be filled with adventure, raw emotions, bloodshed, and a hint of romance :wink:



Title: The Game
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: A girl named Claire Frost, whose life is forever changed when her name is entered in The Calling. Now it is up to her to try and keep herself and her family alive. She will soon learn how far one person is willing to go to survive.
My story is ongoing and only have three chapters so far.


Here’s two of my works. :smiley: The first one is already completed, but the other one is an ongoing rewrite.

Child of Light

Summary: A world that once saw the light of day, Oasia, was shrouded in the shadows of eternal night.

When the sun no longer rose beyond the horizon, catastrophe after catastrophe struck the world’s inhabitants, leaving many without a place to call home. Cities were ripped apart by massive quakes, homes were flooded to the point of no repair, and the hopes of all assailed to oblivion.

A lone child named Kou awoke in the ruins of a building torn in half by the quakes. Their eyes shined bright as if daylight came to greet the world and its inhabitants once more. The ground beneath the child lit up with every step they took along with every object they held. Scared and confused, Kou must discover why they were brought to an unfamiliar world and hopefully, a way home.


A Trillion Years: Rebirth


Summary: The Cursed Generation was known far and wide throughout the world with the belief that they were denied by gods and blessed by demons, causing the generation to be despised by most and worshipped by few.

Where there used to be many, there were only a few left. Identified by their snowy white hair and crimson red eyes, the common traits of the Cursed Generation, Xander and Aurora were among the last remnants that avoided execution.

The world is a dangerous place for children to wander alone but the perilous journey that lies ahead is one they’ll never forget. From childhood to adulthood, the world they knew will forever change with their legacy.




Excerpt from the Book

Triston’s eyes dragged across her form. Her long legs were muscled and scarred, her torso tight and lean; of course she was strong. Her tattoo licked the side of her neck, but he knew it reached down the length of her back. He wanted to touch her that way again. “You know I see your strength.” He said, his eyes meeting hers. His muscles tighten at the sight of her. She was determined; beautiful. Reaching out he pushed a loose tendril of her midnight hair behind her ear. “Show the rest of them.” He whispered, kissing her lips gently.

Rowan shivered in response to his touch. Her body responding to her mate. He was hers. For a moment she enjoyed the feel of his hand against her face, and his lips against her own. She could smell his scent; smoke, wood, fire. Her skin heated up and she bit her bottom lip.

Rising Sun


Lost Girl

Emelie Darling didn’t believe in magic; the only magical thing in her life was her father’s ability to weave stories from the stars and skies, captivating her, even as she got older. But, when she’s thrust into the make believe world her father told stories about, she’s at a loss.

It’s nothing like her father described; it’s a grand and beautiful place, but it felt hollow somehow. Like someone forcing feeling where it’s no longer there. Behind the bright colors and beings lay something dark and dangerous.

A fear that she couldn’t quite place.



Survived By Secrets

Genre: paranormal mystery

Almost dying can change a person. For most it pushes them to live life to the fullest; for Ryan, it lets him hear voices and see ghosts.

After a fatal car crash, Ryan Hubbard wakes up hearing a voice in his head that isn’t his own. It wants him to find something–someone.

It’s updated twice a week.



“You don’t look much like an angel,” I said, looking her up and down in her jeans and leather jacket. Her hair was up in a ponytail, too-not a graceful one, just a ponytail.

“You don’t look much like a devil,” she said without a beat. I glanced down at my white, frilly dress and scowled. I was going to kill Kaia.

Life on earth is never the greatest experience, for anyone. There’s always something to hate. For Agnes, that was about everything.

For as long as she can remember she’s kept her social life limited to just four people: her mom, her dad, her best friend Theo, and his dad.

Everything seemed fine, for the most part. A normal teenage life.

And that was when it all came crashing down.

When presented with a choice to leave her human world, Agnes finds herself forced into an eternal battle between Life and Death, and nothing will ever be the same.

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I think you might like reading my book (if you enjoy reading it, feel free to keep on reading!)
Summary: Sahara is a young woman living in the kingdom of Dasos, a ward to the royal family and foster sister to the young prince Nashoba. Found in the woods with her grandmother years ago, she is shunned by others for her poor origin, scarlet red hair, and a scar that most believe to be a consequence of witchcraft. While she longs to forgo the loneliness that never seems to leave her heart, she is resigned to live out the rest of her life in unhappiness and solitude. However, when Nashoba is abruptly kidnapped by shadow-like creatures and a mysterious branded woman, she throws aside her fears in a momentousness decision to follow her brother’s abductors. Suddenly thrust into an enchanting and spectacular world, Sahara must overcome her own insecurities and trust in herself and others to save her brother from a horrendous fate.

It updates every Sunday


Hey, I have a story that I just posted on here and doesn’t have many reads. I’m a new user so I’ll hope you give it a shot. Here’s the back excerpt.

Life always finds a way to cope with what its given. Adaptation is the key to survival. Questioning the world and believing in something better, X finds a way to break a barrier all logic and science had proved impossible. With just a moment of time elapsed, reality begins to break down and his existence begins to loop over itself within his mind in an attempt to stabilize into a functional state.

He’s the next, but definitely not the first.


Short story!


Stuck in a funk after being dumped, a 30 year-old woman gains a surprising new friend and roommate with strange and macabre consequences. A tongue-in-cheek true story by an “over 35 year-old” British-bred writer with a dark sense of humor.


I have several stories that might work. However, since you’ve already received so many excellent options, I’ll only offer a couple of sci-fi short stories that should provide a quick read if you’re interested.

What would you do to regain a lost love?
Marshall Williams had tried to forget Claudia, but thoughts of the beautiful young woman who always carried around a notebook were never far from his mind. Even their failed marriage hadn’t changed his love for her. Unable to go on alone, Marshall was ready to end it all, but the arrival of an unexpected visitor changes everything. The mysterious Dan Jenkins reveals to Marshall that for the right price there is another way.
Soon the lives of a struggling writer and a young woman from different times become forever linked as Dan Jenkins works to change Marshall’s fate. However, it soon becomes apparent that fate is a fickle thing and even the best laid plans don’t always come out the way you expect.

Verging from whimsical to tragic, three short stories take a look at the means of humanity’s ultimate demise (sorry, no zombies). In ‘End Game’, an over-zealous secret agent finally defeats his long-time nemesis, but in the process might just have doomed the human race. ‘Best Intentions’ is the story of how a kindly alien decides to help poor pathologically shy Harry and in doing so accidentally signs mankind’s death warrant. Finally, in ‘Cat Surfing’, a businessman is given a preview of man’s future destruction, but will he use this knowledge to prevent it? You can probably guess the answer.



Title: Just Survive
Genre: Science Fiction
Author: nicolettem64
Synopsis: It’s the end of the world and Mara and Aris are alone and barely surviving. In the beginning, Mara and her mother spent months behind the safe walls of an abandoned school, but with overpopulation, their safe haven turned into a war zone. Though Mara doesn’t know how things went down after she escaped, she knows that her mother never found her like she had promised. Aris, however, spent his first few months in solitude with his younger brother Isaac, but when times became rough, he too lost someone he loves. As they fight internal and external battles, they learn that moving on is the only option, but how will this align with the world of which they live? Can they overcome the obstacles they face as they fight to survive, or will the world break them before they get the chance?



Here’s my story I’m working on, it has elements of action, adventure, romance, and science fiction. I currently have 13 chapters up.

A car accident wiped Veye’s memory at ten years old. Since then, she struggles to find her own identity while riddled with constant stress and short-term memory loss. Her guardians aren’t keen on helping her with these burdens. In fact, they’re keen on keeping Veye out of the way and asking little questions about her past as possible.

Veye works for Quantum, her guardians espionage agency, and likes to think she’s a good person. She risks her life for people she doesn’t know. Making sure they don’t suffer needlessly. Even outside of work she does everything with good intentions. Yet after a series of mistakes, she tarnishes her good girl streak and questions if being good is in her nature.

Her situation doesn’t improve as the consequences pile up and trouble arises in the city. In the mist of her problems, a crafty stranger offers peace of mind for her cooperation with his inhumane plans. The webs of lies and secrets about her past untangle. As Veye gets closer to the truth, and uncovers more than she expected, she wonders:

What if she was never meant to be good?

What if she was born to be evil?

Story link: Clipped Mind


I’ve got two books for you to read if you’d like

Title: U.S.S Starlight
Genre: Science Fiction
Summary: For five years Earth had been at war with an alien race known as the Iderians. Their only hope of winning is to escape Earth and find Utopia, a planet where they can live in peace and safety from the Iderians.
When Earth is destroyed, the dream of Utopia and safety is blown to pieces with it. Tired Captain Demetrius Smith must try to get his ship to Utopia on his own, with no fleet to help him out. On the run from the Iderians in a passenger ship not meant for fighting on its own, Demetrius can only rely on his grieving crew to help him survive and get everyone to safety.

Title: The Other Side of the Mirror
Genre: LGBTQ+ Fantasy
Summary: Arumni, a land of peace and prosperity, of happiness and magic, where people of all kinds can live long, successful lives. A land where magic is as abundant as water, flowing through everything in the realm. A land of beauty.
This is not the land Eli Fawn is pulled into through the mirror in his bedroom. The Arumni that meets him is one of suffering and death and control. Ruled by an unknown being harnessing the magic of the realm for its own good. There seems to be no hope of ever defeating the almighty evil and turning the land back to the way it was.
Except Eli, who most suspect is the one spoken of in an ancient prophecy foretelling the defeat of the evil controlling the realm. Pulled into another realm in order to save himself, Eli must now find a way to save everyone and figure out who he is along the way.


Here’s mine. Only two chapters out so far. Chapters come out midnight Wednesday and Friday.

Genre: Werewolf

War is Coming!

August is one of the strongest wolves in her pack sector, as she should be after years of mental and physical abuse from almost everyone. It has never broken her but fueled her fire.

When the Alpha announces that an army will be created for the impending war, August knows she has to be part of it in order to make a better life for herself and her brother. But joining the army means having to fight to keep her title as a warrior while surrounded by hundreds of the best wolves across her pack. And not everyone wants to see her succeed.

It also means possibly finding her mate. Something she never believed in.



I update Fridays and constructive criticism is welcome. Also recommendations on what should happen next in the story.

Princess Jade Aries is cursed, her heart is as cold as the ice and snow she creates, and she loves only one person: her brother. But in order for her to keep her throne as queen, as queen is the married title of a royal, she must marry and she has no intention of getting married. That is until her father arranges a gala for her to choose a husband before her 16th birthday.

When four princes come into her life to steal her heart in the names of their queens, she steps back from modern fantasy as they attempt to win her icy heart. But she meets a prince named Harley Boisse, who she believes she loves, and questions what she knows about love. Was it wonderful or a hidden monster?

Can anyone claim her icy heart?



I was hoping buying a new jeep for my seventeenth birthday would be the start to a great year. Things were looking up until I caught my ex-boyfriend Elliot cheating on me at Prom. It didn’t help that I was already facing an eating disorder and trying to overcome the fact that my father left us when I was younger. Thankfully I had my best friend Regina with me at my side.

Life changed that fateful day when I noticed a strange light in the park. My poor judgement told me to visit the park and I did. Little did I know that touching that light would give me a power. An element if you will. I had the power to bring things back to life. This new power completely changed my life. I wasn’t sure if I could trust anyone with my new power.

At best my secret was probably safe with Regina. But Elliot was a different story. In fact, he was already out to make my life miserable. There would be no telling what Elliot would do if he ever knew the truth. The fate of the world was in my hands.