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Summary of 'fair'


Irish friends Clare Sweeney, Mirren Doherty, and Callum Flynn’s summers wasn’t expected to happen like this; Clare’s Great Aunt Nelle’s death, her inheritance of a hefty amount of money, along with a clue to her quiet and mysterious Great Aunt’s life. LA, money, April, Dale, incoherent American slang, light foundation, and fast food. Lots of fast food.

After Clare Sweeney visiting her ill great aunt every few days and caring for her, as well as making ‘conversation’, (which made no sense considering Nelle would never respond, or for that matter speak at all), Great Aunt Nelle abruptly dies upon Clare’s arrival, at 3:33 on Tuesday. A week later, Clare finds her great aunt had left her a very large amount of money, probably because she was the only person to ever visit, but as well as money, Clare’s inheritance contains a photograph; of Nelle, and a man, having faded cursive writing on the back reading: Nelle and Eddie, LA, 1973.

With her new findings, Clare becomes determined to find out who this Eddie was, or is, and why Nelle was in LA. So, as every teenager on break should do, she drags her friends, peculiarly childish Mirren, and giddy Callum, to LA, where they meet and befriend rebellious outcast April Fontaine, and wallflower artist Dale Bauer.

“Oh my god, you guys are from Ireland?” The desk attendee says, twirling her hair around with her pointer, and smacking her gum, and speaking like she was prom queen and head cheerleader in high school.
I look at Callum, and he gives me the same, disappointed and sad look.
“Lucky charms, God, and beer, right?” the woman continues, blowing a bubble.
Oh God. We’re in America.

Please Notice:

This story uses stereotypes and prejudiced assumptions to convey a comedic atmosphere, which is not meant to offend or degrade anyone.

This is my ongoing story, under 50 reads. Please let me know what you think, I appreciate criticism.




Do you read romance? :blush: I just started this one, well over 1k reads… lol.

Coffee Shop – click here

(Here’s my little blurb )

Coffee poured into the porcelain mug he picked for me. “So, how do you like it?”

I watched the way he held the pot–the way his hands curved around the handle, the way his thumb gently pushed against its side. “Oh, you know–smooth, sweet. The kind that leaves you satisfied at the end.”

His golden eyes shot up before his face did, and when his lips curled up into that big smile, I held my breath. He pushed the mug towards my hands. “We’re still talking about coffee, right?”

When “Kay” Ruiz decides to move into the city, she stumbles upon a small coffee shop that reminds her of home. She thinks, ‘Oh, can this be anymore perfect?’

Its when she walks inside and sees him, that she learns, it can.


Casting Flames


Emery is in prison for saving her little sisters life. Her crime: illegal use of energy–the governments “unique” way of saying magic.

Ever since the Casters stepped out of the shadows, healed the dying planet, and started punishing humans for mutilating it, magic has been illegal in the Americas. Emery knew she’d be arrested for unbinding her powers and healing her sister, and she was prepared to spend the rest of her life in prison for it.

But she wasn’t prepared to find herself in a soldier uniform being told to fight or die.

Growing up in a world where people kill for rations, Emery is no stranger to violence. She would fight, but it’s not her fists the young and ambitious Commander Jackson wants, it’s her magic. The same magic that has dangerous consequences if she casts again.

To keep her and the magic that healed her sister alive, Emery enters a world of politics, war, magic, and maybe even love. She only hopes she can stay alive long enough to keep her sister from falling.

To read follow this link:



Hey! If you’re interested, I would love you to check out my book Nephilims Mark: Book 1. Here is the blurb:

“No, I won’t!” I jumped as his roar echoed throughout the room, forcing my anger to be replaced by surprise.

Turning towards me, he captured my gaze with those dark blue eyes. In that moment, I was held there, my heart beating dangerously fast, my breath trapped in my mouth.

Captivated by him. By everything he was.

Holding me there through, he walked towards me slowly, until there was no space between us. My head drooped as I leaned back against the desk behind me as he reached up to my hairline. I released a sigh as his finger gently followed the path down the curve of my cheekbone, around my jaw until his finger was at my chin, leaving a trail of sparks behind it. Slowly, he lifted my eyes up to his once more.

“I won’t let you put yourself in harm’s way.” His eyes bore into mine, departing conviction and emotion that I had never seen in him before.

“I won’t lose you. Not to him. Not to anyone. You are mine.”

With newly found courage, I slowly wrapped my arms around him, and place my head on his chest. I closed my eyes, finding satisfaction at the sound of his erratic heartbeat.

“The feeling’s mutual.”

Alexis Miller has always been ambitious, independent and feisty; she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. With a job that she loves, four amazing friends by her side and a family she adores, it seemed like she had the perfect life.

Until one day, an encounter in the woods makes her question everything that has ever happened to her.

She is forced to reshape the very world that she lives in as ancient secrets are revealed to her by complete strangers, who are more than they seem. On top of that place a complicated, snarky demon and a compassionate angel, and what do you get?

A complete mess.

You can find the book here:

Any feedback is welcome, but I just hope you guys enjoy the story! Thank you so much :slight_smile:


I’d love for you to read mine. Currently at 14 chapters and almost 700 reads :smile:



Hello, hello! I only have one book published at the moment titled “Band Aid Love”. I’ll put the link and blurb below and if it seems interesting to you I hope you give it a try! If you have any comments/ feedback as well please do not hesitate to message me!


❝I was tired of thinking so when Ash leaned in to kiss my forehead once more❟ I let him.❞

Noor and Asher have been gently tiptoeing around the concept of romantic love. The idea of having someone to do nothing with on a Wednesday night has always been enough for the two. When one is ready to let go of their ambiguous relationship, what will be left of their friendship?



When Ma–the mysterious matriarch of a San Francisco crime syndicate–promises Joseph–her trusted numbers man–the keys to her kingdom when she decides to step down or is made to step down, Joseph skips The Town at once to seek shelter from her sons and their famous brutality.

While most would choose to cross several state lines or hop the continent all together, in pursuit of their safe haven, Joseph makes his escape across the bridge to Berkeley, a place few know by the menacing moniker, Den of the Proselyte , and a locale, he is well aware leaves Ma trembling.

A curious path of luck and a cursed path of misfortune lie in wait as Joseph and Ma’s dispatched hunters embark upon the days to come, where love is stumbled upon, fate plays dirty and a monstrous fiend awakens to satisfy its twisted urges.'s-note


Hello! I’ve just uploaded Chapter 2 of my new story. I’m new at writing, so there’s bound to be many errors, but I hope that you can find it interesting. If you’re not interested though, I totally understand. :slight_smile:

Title: Doggy Daycare
Genre: Short Story
Status: Ongoing
Chapters: 2/7 Complete
Summary: When ‘dog is man’s best friend’ turns into ‘dog is baby’s best friend’!
Doggy Daycare is about a 12-year-old dog named Luna who meets her human’s toddler son, Kit for the first time. Being an old dog, she doesn’t think that she has it in her to stand for - much less tolerate this strange creature. Yet, there is always something for the old to learn from the young and vice versa. Join Luna and Kit in this short story based on a real dog and her newfound friend.



Hello, my story is under 1k, also.

It’s called Fear Thy Neighbour

It’s a Thriller. Here’s the summary:
Rachel wants a fresh start for her, and her daughter after a tragic accident.

A new home, in a safe neighbourhood, and a dream job seemed like the perfect beginning.

Rachel can’t shake the feeling that there is something strange about her neighbour.

Fear Thy Neighbour is a Psychological Thriller riddled with suspense and constant torment due to the after effects caused by traumatic experiences.

She tries to do what is best for her daughter as a single mother, who works full-time, while simultaneously enduring life’s struggles. Many challenges get in her way and to make matters worse, her neighbours make her life increasingly difficult.

Thank you in advance if you read my book :slight_smile:


Hi @SermiaMagistre !

Here is my (unfinished) story: Two Months and Three Days

Genre: Romance, suspense, contemporary, mature

I hope that you will have the opportunity to have a look!
Happy Reading,





I’d love to check it out!


Hi! I’ve recently started my first wattpad story and would be honored if you would give it a read. Its still in progress, (have only published five chapters so far) but I hope you’ll like it.

Iris by @Nadnoud

Its a Comedy, Romance, Action. Please enjoy.

Talia had always been a lone wolf. She couldn’t be bothered with people’s pointless drama, manipulative ways, or their bloated levels of self importance. Albeit, she’d always had a select few people that she would lay her life down for without a second thought. But when those close to her start to disappear one by one, she comes to face a list of struggles that end up pushing her to do things that land her in a pile of trouble. Though, as it so happens, she is rescued from her demise by a group of individuals that go by the name of Iris, and in exchange for their efforts they want her skills. Talia’s problems intensify when she encounters a very captivating young man, that Iris wants to take down. In a world full of lies she must determine the truths and take action accordingly, for decisions may be more fatal than they first appear to be…

This story includes: Spice, Humour, Retardedness, Romance, Embarrassing moments, Badass scenes, Badassness in general, Hot Guys, etc.


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Hi! I would really appreciate you giving this a try.

The Sun’s Tears

King Ardam united all humans in Ligtland under his name in a series of bloody wars. Princess Aebbé of Ardam, haunted by memories of a flash of lightning and burning flesh, became a First Rank Healer of Ligtland by studying under the elves. She returns to her home amidst a seemingly hopeless war. But all is not as it seems, and the greatest danger to Ardamland may be from within.

Princess Laelia Darkwood of Elderlight of the Elves needs to find her path. Sometimes in order to find your path you have to get lost; sometimes you need to build the path; and sometimes your path is destined to lead you to places and people you never knew you lost.

The Sun’s Tears recounts the epic tales of Aebbé and Laelia. It is a journey of self-discovery, adventure, family, war, darkness dawning, light prevailing, and, of course, love,

I will really appreciate your thoughts and time! Thanks.


Hi! As a matter of fact, I have quite a bit less than 1,000 reads. I wrote this book years ago and am only now starting to spruce it up and get it out there, chapter by chapter. Right now, I have up through chapter three posted. I’d love it if you checked it out.


Anonymously Yours


Megan enjoys a bit of anonymity. See, she writes for an advice column. No one is supposed to know it’s her dealing out all that relationship advice. But one day it becomes scarily clear that someone DOES know who she is…and they might be dangerous.

Could it be her best friend and roommate, Betsy? Will, her best friend from childhood? Could it be one of her coworkers? Or someone hidden in the shadows?

Follow along with Megan as she attempts to figure out who’s sending the hate mail, all while she juggles a life of best friends and potential love.

  • New chapters every Saturday. *