Story ramblings! The Tea Of The Day Is - Dong Ding Tea!!


A place where you can talk on, and on, and on, and on about your stories!
You can copy and paste parts of your stories that you’re writing to get instant feedback, or just talk about the lore in your book.
You can also discuss things that you hate to have to do to your characters, even though it’s for the sake of the story!
If you want to, you could also talk about totaly unrelated things. I’m not picky.

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Welcome Vampire Writers!
Welcome Vampire Writers!

I’ve been waiting for something like this for so long, oh my god.


ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh girl! I have SO MUCH to talk about!


Dont mind me Im just gonna spoil my entire plot for my sci fi which is called Sweet Tooth


That’s fine.


Sounds interesting :o


Hello. I’m just going to complain. For now.

I want to write a song to include in my WIP and even though I know how to write a song, I suck at writing songs and it sucks.


Need help?

Also, nice pfp.


I don’t know. I got a song I’m going to use that I changed some words to, but I also wanted an original one in there.

Also, thank you.


Oh same for the Legend Series :rofl:


Why don’t you post the song and I’ll take a look? What do you want the song to be about?


lowkey marks to spend my entire night in after I shower


Takes long drink of tea Oh, it is on meow. Let me tell you about my dumb a** thinking a full on expanded universe was a good idea… Awe, who am I kidding, it is still a good idea, just a very trying one with the number of series and tie in that go on, and keeping character time lines straight, and GAH!


You okay there, bud?


I’m just going to say, ahhhh stair chapters are such a pain to write! How do you guys feel about writing step chapters?


What are those?


Kind of embarrassed tbh. I basically just try to follow a rhyming scheme which is probably why I fail at it so often. Basically the character saying he’s going to stop pretending to be the same person he was before everything went to shit for him.


Aww, okay. Well, what do you need help with?


Step chapters are chapters that connect plot points. They contain important info though aren’t always the most actiony and can be tedious to write


Aren’t those just info-dumps? Those seem very much like bad writing, tbh.