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Need an opinon on a scene but otherwise great dreading chapter 4 and Im in the middle of chapter 2


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Chapter 5 its chapter five Im dreading chapter 4 is fine


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1-The Discovery of Star

“Emily!” Jason, the pack Alpha called. I lowered to the ground and let out a whine, he turned, sniffing the air, eyes dilating. “Emily?” He asked, his eyes landing on where me and my wolf hid. “Emily, come out, you won’t be hurt.” Jason said, I didn’t want to, but my wolf did. She heard something in his voice I couldn’t. Slowly Jason crouched down as we crawled out, rolling over and showing our underside to him, tail between our legs. Blood stained our paws, she had been scared by his Beta, attacked and killed him when he made an unwanted advance.

“He got ya good, didn’t he?” Jason asked, gently resting his hand on my shoulder and rolling us over, looking at the tear in our throat where Hale’s teeth had latched on as he tried to hold me down. “You did the right thing, Emily, maybe he didn’t deserve to die, but he could have killed you. It does not matter you are the Omega, we all look out for our own, he tried to take advantage of your status and of his. It was wrong of him. I understand you and your wolf are both scared, I know you can understand me. You aren’t in trouble, Em, come back with me. We need you.” He said, speaking softly.

What I have so far


I normally don’t do werewolf stories like this, but it isn’t like all those others where the girl is abused and rejected and runs off to become Alpha and a badass and come back for revenge or whatever


Need help? Sorry for the late reply btw


Bellamy’s such a good boy.

I mean, not a good boy at all. He’s quite evil. But a good boy to me

He and Dom are crossroads demons. They make deals with humans. They have totally different ways of going about it and totally different brands of evilness but they’re both hella scary. Not your popular misunderstood romantic demons at all. And I love them both individually but I adore their relationship. They’ve been dubbed rivals with benefits but it’s so much deeper than that makes it sound honestly. Like, these two hate each other. They’ve always hated each other from the first moment they laid eyes on each other and everything since has just confirmed it. They’re just those people who get under each other’s skin. But at the same time they can’t stay away from each other. I think one scene sums it up best with

From the moment he’d first laid eyes on him, he’d known; this gorgeous, cunning, merciless demon was going to be the bane of his existence, and his fatal weakness.

And on the surface, it’s very sexual. Completely physical. There’s nothing even close to romance between them. There’s not even anything close to a platonic relationship between them. If given the chance either one of them would kill the other and never think twice about it. But there’s this draw between them and it’s not just the sex that makes them keep going back, it’s this thing they have that I’m not even sure how to explain. Demons in general are fiercely passionate beings–whatever they feel, whether it’s happiness or anger or whatever, it’s intense. But Dom and Bellamy can bring another level out in each other for some reason. It’s not intentional at all, but they have this effect on each other and neither one of them really knows what to do about it. But that alone is what keeps them from just ending it or killing each other. They can’t stop.

It’s a completely toxic and self-destructive relationship and just gets worse and worse. I love it


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Dont know why I hide the next Im just figuring out things about the forums its not even that long but I thought why not .Basically I just need to know if my main character ((Nevada)) is too nosy/pushy in this scene and if Octavian sounds his age or if the situation makes him sound younger than he is ((Just turned 13 in this scene)) I might be overanalyzing it because its my writing so I wanted another opinion.

They then looked at the bag Octavian was holding “So you got a birthday gift already?”They asked.
“Huh? Oh! Yea! Its from…from a friend”Octavian said.
“A friend?”Nevada asked.
Octavian got what Nevada meant blushing light “A friend!”Octavian repeated.
“Hmmm sureee”Nevada said.
“Just a friend!”Octavian insisted.
“So whats your friends name?”Nevada asked.
“…Marcus”Octavian mumbled.


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