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My own characters are making me sad.


Atakan(A-ta-khan)-blood sigil-book 3 Blood Obeys

Kage (Ka-jay)-shadow sigil-book 2 Shadows Alive

Nova-star sigil-book 1 Star Reborn

What do you all think of these names? Also I put the book number they come into




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The Seven Sigils Trilogy Outline

Atakan-blood sigil-book 3 Blood Obeys

Kage-shadow sigil-book 2 Shadows Alive

Nova-star sigil-book 1 Star Reborn

In Star Reborn Emily (the Omega) dies (beginning/kickoff of the story) after finding a fallen star, this star brings her back as a shy, yet firece young woman named Nova (wolf form, silver, she has grey eyes in both wolf and human form and silver hair). Jason (Alpha) finds her (as Nova) and brings her back, when she awakens and reveals to have some of Emily’s memories Jason and her go to the pack Elders who take one look at Nova and know the prophecy has begun. As the story moves on a few chapters she is revealed to have magic. She is then sent on her way to uncover the other sigils that pertain to her, so that she may be ready for the other two embodiments to awaken. At the end of Star Reborn, Nova sees a vision when divining the stars (here she sees Kage) and sets off to find him.

In Shadows Alive Kage is a young man trying to make it on his own. He gets bitten by a black wolf (who turns out later to be Jason after going Feral) and undergoes his first transformation. Immediately something isn’t right…as he died during the transformation. The shadows stir around him and enter him, bringing Kage back from the dead. Nova on the otherhand, heard about Jason goin Feral after his younger brother was murdered (Atakan, but he comes in in Blood Obeys) and is trying to find Jason before he turns or kills someone (well, girl is a little too late for that, he did both with Kage). Nova catches up with Jason who then attacks (and tries to kill) Nova, in self defence Nova’s magic explodes out of her and kills Jason. Nova then is on the run as her old pack mourns Jason and a neighboring pack (not understanding the situation and because the packs all feel a loss even if it was an enemy’s loss) start to hunt for her. On the run, Nova hears word of Kage and strange instances surrounding him, she then tracks Kage down and (because of magic tying the sigils together) instantly knows when she sees him that he is the second embodiment of the sigils. She then must flee the city with Kage (since she knows where they all are it won’t take her a big chunk of the book to find them) to go help Kage claim his sigils. At the end of it Atakan appears, having known Nova, and knowing already she was another sigil.

In Blood Obeys Atakan, Nova and Kage must learn to work together as Atakan also comes face to face with his resurrection. He had been aware of the entire event, but his was more traumatic with what happened during his ressurection. As they learn to work together the very thing the seven sigils existed in order to defend the world against begins to rise. The three must overcome their personal obstacles and discover the true reason they are the sigils and what it means to be one. During this time Atakan also falls for Nova, but because saving the world is more important he goes to Kage for help with burrying his feelings (because Kage and Nova spent only like half a book togehter, so Kage knows her so well) on whether when things are over if he could have a chance with Nova. (This isn’t super important…er, it is but it isn’t). Kage knows what sigils Atakan has as well as Nova’s (so pretty much he knows blood and star go together, king and queen). (Back to the ancient malvolent being that is rising and preparing to destroy the world). This ancient being arises and starts wreaking havoc, Atakan, Nova and Kage must travel across the world to destroy this evil thing. Things go wrong and they fail, barely managing to escape with their lives. When the evil deity risen again decides to strike again, the three are better prepared (after Atakan getting ticked off at himself, claiming it was his fault they failed) they go back after the deity. This time they got closer, but someone Kage cared about gets put at risk and the whole thing goes sideways as the three of them go to save Kage’s mother. When they get her to safety and are regrouping, Atakan and Nova are dealt a huge blow when they find their old pack was slaughtered. Fueled with rage Atakan leads Nova and Kage into battle again, this time the three of them all united with the same purpose. The three of them manage to defeat the deity and reclaim what is left of the world, restoring order. (Kage may or may not die, not sure yet).

I spent like almost a half hour to an hour making this because the premades I ordered, the artist wanted at least an outline to make sure I wasn’t ordering them just to order them because I liked them. This is stuff I usually just keep in my head, everything listed here is what I call “stepping stones” so there will be so much more stuff in between these events


I think this is just my lost innocence, but the word omega immediately made me cringe.


why? (she’s a loved Omega, not like those ones where they are treated like dirt and they escape and come back as an alpha or badass, she is sent on a quest to help her pack and save the world)


also, just basic wolf stuff, it’s not cringy, people made it cringy


Does this sound too violent?

I look around and see a girl with red eyes, copper hair, and skin as pale as paper, wearing a black leather jumpsuit with an axe strapped to her back. Her face is streaked with blood

She is surrounded by broken cages, shackles, and body parts. It looks like she disassembled the entire vampire hunter’s camp, along with all the hunters. There are limbs with bones sticking out of them, skulls bashed open, separated from the rest of the body, and organs lying around. There is a pile of what seems like human hearts around the girl.

If I was human, I would be puking out my breakfast onto the ground. As it is, I still am hit by a wave of nausea and have the urge to scream.

The air is thick with the scent of human blood, and behind that a small traces of that sulfuric vampire scent.


Like I said, my innocence is gone.


Does this sound too violent?


erm, not sure, I for some reason don’t describe my murder scenes, but usually I have my boi Tyler rip people apart in his wolf form, going absolutely shredder, so I’m not a good person to ask




oh wait, I had one described where after Tyler’s baby was born the nurse wanted to take her blood because she is a Leviathan (Shapeshifter+Naga=Leviathan) and they are rare, their blood valuable. She tried to attack him to get to his newborn daughter and he wolfed out and murdered the eff out of her, when he comes back around blood is everywhere, handprints and footsteps which told him Claira and Cleo were still alive (Claira is the Naga, Cleo is his baby)


I don’t think it’s too violent, but I’m totally desensitized to violence.




So am I.
That’s why I asked other people, since I don’t want my book to be rated ‘mature’ because of violence and gore.


Just write it. Nobody will report it for not being rated mature. Nobody cares about violence.