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That’s nice to know.


Well, at least that’s true in the U.S.


I am in the U.S.


So you know exactly what I mean. Sex is evil, but violence is totally chill. (And bludgeoning is more acceptable than shooting. Or maybe that one is just my mother.)


I’m in Michigan and it’s freezing as it will be the next few months


What about ripping people to peices, and chopping them to bits with an axe, and putting their hearts into a pile?


As long as there aren’t any boobs shown.


my mom is from Arizona but moved here when she was 16 with my grandma (they both were born and raised in Arizona, both have been in Michigan since they moved here and I’ve only left Michigan once)


It’s just a bunch of men’s remains. Their body parts are strewn across the forest floor, and there is a pile of their hearts around Maria’s feet.


It just describs their limbs.


well, Mature even says extreme gore and violence, it isn’t just for sex, if you ever are unsure, check the Wattpad guidelines


Oh, and their heads ripped off of their shoulders, smashed open, revealing their brains.




My computer blocks it so I don’t know if this is the right one:


It was a joke about prudish people who are totally okay with violence.


sounds like zomb stuff


I didn’t realize that.


It’s a vampire book. Not a zombie book.


I know, but heads smashed, brains, all sounds like they’re zombies (and I think that would be classified as gore, which goes under Mature if I remember right, I can check)


It’s cool. Should have made it more clear that I was being sarcastic. Hard to read sarcasm on the internet.