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It doesn’t seem that detailed to me.


I think you’re probably fine if that’s the worst it gets. It’s not super detailed.


Mature: Your story contains graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes

I always have to mark mine as this for strong language and mature themes at the least

@castlequeen2004, this is what it says when I check Mature


Should I put another version of that chapter, exept kinda censored, so people could choose if they want to read it or not?


to a younger kid on Wattpad, it could




Hah. I don’t have curse words worse than c r a p in my book.


No. It’s fine. It’s not that graphic.


I don’t think there’s too many kids young enough that that would bother them on Wattpad.


you gotta put yourself in the shoes of someone who is younger or not ok with violence though too


I feel like it’s stupid to lock my story behind a gate so anybody who didn’t lie about their age can’t read when it’s stuff everybody who’s old enough to actually have an account is sure to have encountered before.


it’s not that, it’s called your story could get reported if it doesn’t have the right ranking, it says so when I unckeck mine that if there is content inside that isn’t ok for all audiences then I can be reported by anyone on Wattpad for it


Changing Your Rating: The Wattpad community has the ability to report your story rating if they deem it inappropriate for all audiences. For more info, check the Content Guidelines under Settings

That is the message that pops up


I see lots of stories not rated mature that are worse than mine language wise. Some with millions of reads. I think I’m safe.


And I think the worst thing that can happen is you have to change your rating.


keyword: think, not to mention, what do you mean by language? certain words are fine, others are not, swearing is ok so long as it isn’t a big part of dialogue (all my characters favor the f word)


As long as you aren’t writing something that is banned.


well, I’m not here to argue, @castlequeen2004 asked for advice, I gave mine, then reevaluated from a different stand point, and realized maybe I was wrong before, she can easily go make a second, less gory version of the chapter and put a forewarning at the top of the chapter, I’ve done stuff like it before in the past before merging things anyway since it was Mature, then I changed my note to warn readers when about it comes so they can skip over it, then give a short summary of the scene at the end of the chapter


Sorry for arguing with you.