Story ramblings! The Tea Of The Day Is - Dong Ding Tea!!


it’s fine, I just thought I’d say something before I get too heated, I always feel guilty if I explode on people


Yeah. Probably good that you did, because I had a monster paragraph written and ready to go. This thread doesn’t need to turn into an argument about mature ratings.


How you know it’s real and a war is about to start :joy:


Haha. I guess I’m more of a spirit of the law person, and you’re more of a letter of the law person.


what does that mean? Also, I am too good at making monster paragraphs, my characters get them when they get angry also


I am going to put in the blurb for my book that there is some violence, but no more than Jurassic Park.


You follow the rules exactly as they are stated, I go for the meaning I think is behind them.


ah, yeah, only when it concerns my stories, otherwise I do things my way


Im not sure about rating mature because Im fine with writing violence but it would probably be best to at least put a small warning just in case and rate it mature later if anyone says anything.


Yeah. I probably will end up rating my story mature at some point though. It depends on what ends up happening.


How is everyone today?


Im good hows your writing going?




I also should of said how are you as well but my brain just went to when you were trying to write last night. xD


I put a warning after the description.

Warning for very young children, like under 10.
There some mild violence and gore (Not too descriptive) starting in chapter 16, but it is no worse than in Jurrasic Park.
Do not read if you cannot handle it.


I failed horribly at writing last night but I should be making up for it today. I had a really crazy and long 3 days so I’m not too torn up about not getting anything done. Though I have a lot to do today


Yea life likes to get in the way of writing alot.Good luck writing today.


One of my books has quite a bit of violence, some gore, some scenes that may be disturbing (3 little kids get executed in one scene, etc), and references to self-harm but none of it is beyond Wattpad’s mature barrier so I just have a warning in the description and in the author’s note before the book starts. Something like ‘this book contains violece and imagery that may be disturbing or triggering to some, reader discretion is advised’


Isnt it only mature if its explicit.Id have to check the guidelines


Thanks! I think I have about 3-4k to write today, plus laundry, editing, some bills to pay, Christmas shopping…