Story ramblings! The Tea Of The Day Is - Dong Ding Tea!!


Spotify just opened and started playing a song on its own…

My computer may be possessed


Theres sites too Im not sure what Im allowed to link on wattpad.


Im 100% sure my is.


it has been 2 hours and I have NOTHING done for today and I am 2 weeks behind, I know I’ll take all of next week, so if I can’t get caught up by Christmas break I’ll be 3 or 4 weeks behind and I am just so tired of trying to do all of this nonstop


You can link as long as it’s not to a Wattpad book



It chose a Nathan Sharp song so at least it has good taste


I don’t do good with reading math, I try and it just looks like gibberish to me


Thanks for linking it I wasnt sure if I was allowed to because it has a paid membership I think but its free if you dont get the membership.


It gives the answer too I think.


Its Dom.


It may or may not be…

He does really like Nathan Sharp…


Isnt he based off him too,


but thats useless to me because I’m pretty sure this year I take the SAT and the ACT or whatever, I have exams and tests as well


Ohh okay sorry.


Not intentionally but looks-wise he’s basically Nate in the Phantom music video but with a tongue piercing

And Phantom is pretty much his aesthetic


I hate school


Well the phantom song so as long as its not that song you should be good.Yea.


It was Bones. Which is actually my character Neyva’s song so


The only thing it’s good for is getting out of the house.
With you, you don’t even get that benefit.