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I just added a copyright page to my book, along with the acknowledgments.








I’m a Ravenclaw.


Now we just need a Gryffindor.


my cabin in 8th grade camp was Gryffindor (I have never read or watched Harry Potter)


My sister’s a Gryffindor.


Ive read and obessesed over it alot lately this year.


I just published the first part of my lore book Dance of Stars




Ooooo the cover looks nice


Why don’t my characters seem to want to talk and get to know each other?


Make them, have an instance where maybe they get locked in a room or something and they are forced to work together


1-The Discovery of A Star

“Emily!” Jasper, the pack Alpha called. I lowered to the ground and let out a whine, he turned, sniffing the air, eyes dilating. “Emily?” He asked, his eyes landing on where me and my wolf hid. “Emily, come out, you won’t be hurt.” Jasper said, I didn’t want to, but my wolf did. She heard something in his voice I couldn’t. Slowly Jasper crouched down as we crawled out, rolling over and showing our underside to him, tail between our legs. Blood stained our grey paws, she had been scared by his Beta, attacked and killed him when he made an unwanted advance.

“He got ya good, didn’t he?” Jasper asked, gently resting his hand on my shoulder and rolling us over, looking at the tear in our throat where Hale’s teeth had latched on as he tried to hold me down. “You did the right thing, Emily, maybe he didn’t deserve to die, but he could have killed you. It does not matter you are the Omega, we all look out for our own, he tried to take advantage of your status and of his. It was wrong of him. I understand you and your wolf are both scared, I know you can understand me. You aren’t in trouble, Em, come back with me. We need you,” he said, speaking softly.

I watched as Jasper stood, backing away before crying out, loud snaps and pops sounding out. My wolf and I backed away as Jasper panted, grunting his way through his transformation. He hadn’t been able to shift in a few weeks since his mother died. The entire pack had mourned her, but his ability to transform had left him, apparently it came back to him last night.

After a few minutes, Jasper and his wolf stood, shaking their black fur out. He turned and began trotting back into the forest, leaving the cabin I had run to behind. When they didn’t hear me follow, Jasper stopped, his green eyes holding my yellow ones. Slowly I approached him, he nudged me playfully before running off.

Something the pack always taught us growing up is that every member, no matter their rank was important. The Alphas were important because they led the pack, the Betas were second in command and last of all, the lowest rank was the Omegas. I was the Omega of my pack, but the Elders made sure everyone knew how important Omegas were to their pack. We were of the lowest rank, but we were also the glue that held the pack together. The Omega brought a lightness to the heaviest of situations, a tactic that was better suited to Joshua, one of the other Omegas.

As we continued to run through the forest, I was able to relax, Jasper rarely showed aggression in his wolf form to us, not unless we really overstepped a boundary. The feel of the air moving over my fur, my paws gliding across the ground, feeling as if they were never quite touching it was liberating.

My werewolf story so far


Thats all my characters like to do


I dont know much about wolf stories but good job.


I just go off real wolves and humans and mash em together


They have a school project, so they are kind of forced into it.