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exactly! still the same thing :roll_eyes:


They still don’t want to talk.


Make them fail the project


Then they can argue about why they failed.


Finished editing chapter nineteen in my book!
Had to go through over two thousand words. Took over an hour to fix everything.


Good job


I just realized I finished Chapter 1 but forgot to have Red give Blue his scarf.


I left out some important scenes in Legend book IV and now I can’t remember what they were :joy:


Oh god xD I have a scene where someone points out Red is called Red but he has nothing Red execpt for 1. I have yet to even mention the scarf 2.He hasnt given it away yet I completely forgot I needed that scene to have the other one I only just remembered it because I was writing Red and his friends ((How they got their nicknames basically)).I wrote Reds is his scarf and went ‘Oh shoot he still has that’.

Hopefully you remember what you left out.


I’m rewriting a torture scene in my book. :smiling_imp:


The only torture scenes I write are when I have writers block


Here’s the torture scene that I was rewriting.

Click this to see it

Seven Fingers turns to me, with a large knife in hand. “No noise is getting out of this cave, not with those doors closed.” He says. “So let’s see how loud you can scream.” I’m guessing now that all color left over after my transformation has drained out of my face.

“Yeah, girlie. You scared? Ya’ should be. I’m gonna get back at you for killing all my minions.” He unlocks the cage door and drags me out by my chains, only then do I get a good look at the rest of the cave. I see a long black table with metal bands on either end and racks of weapons that line the walls.

Seven Fingers chains me to the table and starts jabbing me with knives, asking me questions.

“How did you find my base!?” He yells at me as he cuts deeply into my arm, causing blood to wet my clothes. I don’t answer his question, trying to resist, despite the agony shooting through my arm.

“How did you find my base?” He inquires, jabbing the blade deep into my stomach. “The leechbane should’ve made tracking impossible!” I grit my teeth, trying to suppress a scream.

“Alright. I see that I’m not getting anywhere this way.” He walks over to the weapon racks and selects a more delicate looking knife.

Seven Fingers walks back over to the table where I am strapped and positions the knife near my head. “You are going to answer my question, or else you will learn what a jack-o-lantern feels like. How. Did. You. Find. My. Base.” I shake my head and hiss at him. “I’ll never tell you!”

“I’m going to pretend that you didn’t just say that.” He pauses, waiting for me to respond. I am silent.

Seven Fingers brings the knife closer to my face. “Hurry up now and answer, honey. You don’t have very long 'till this knife finds your skin.”

I remain mute, despite his threats.

“Oh well. It’s your face.” He touches the knife to the skin of my face, and traces around my lips, digging the tip of the blade into my flesh.

Blood flows into my mouth, and I spit the mixture of saliva and my own blood into Seven Finger’s face. He yells at me and wipes the gross mixture out of his eyes.

Seven Fingers storms over to the weapon racks, and grabs a long, curved knife, with a hooked tip that makes me hurt just by looking at it.

Seven Fingers comes over to the table again and starts raking the hooked knife through my skin. I bite my tongue to keep from screaming but am unable to stop the shrieks from escaping from my mouth when he starts hacking off large chunks of flesh from my limbs.

I scream. I shriek. I yell. I wail. I continue to cry out in pain until my throat gives out, but my screams start anew once my vocal cords have healed.

When he finishes torturing me, I have no idea how much time has passed, it could have been minutes, or it could have been hours. It could have been days, or it could have been weeks. It could have been months, or it could have been years.

All I know was that I was in blinding, burning, blistering agony for what felt like an eternity.


Where’d everyone go?!?!


I keep making puns in my head while writing Sweet Tooth and just now my brain went ‘If the story ((Sweet tooth)) is being a pain can I say its a cavity’



Did nobody read my torture scene??


I dont have anything to say on it and judging by the posts were the only two on




Should I give my story a happy, or sad ending?

  • Happy?
  • Sad?

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  • Violet
  • Natalie

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Ok, so, Kassidy mainly goes by Kas in Kassidy, so I named the book after his real name. Violet’s real name is Natalie, should I name the sequal Natalie (as it will be telling her past before she met Kas and what happened to her between the first and second book, mirroring how Kassidy slowly revealed Kas’s life and all the events leading up to a huge traumatic event that changed his life forever as well as the events before Kassidy begins) or should I title it Violet?

If I title it Natalie, it will go with Kassidy as using the real name of the character, not the new name they gained after escaping their past