Story ramblings! The Tea Of The Day Is - Magical Unicorn Fart Rainbow Tea!! XD


off track


I believe it’s for explicit sex and very detailed, explicit violence/gore


Anything could be a job well done though 3-4k is alot to write.


It says graphic but I think she should be fine because Ive always fewed it as just if its very detailed violence.


It’s pretty average for me on days I’m off from my day job


My book’s now #27 in vampireromance!!!


I feel like I have school every day at this point

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I am about to just say f*** it and just give up but I have to effing do this bullcrap


I just forgot the word gift bag writing is going great today :joy::joy:


Gives mug full of warm tea
Here. Maybe this’ll make you feel better.


Can anyone tell me how the hell they went from the bottom left to the stuff on the right??? I’m about to fricking give up and get an f on this assignment


Im terrible at saying the right things I always use cat memes.But hopefully school work gets easier for you.Oh god is that math.


and this is only the first damn tutorial


it is, my worst subject and they just make stuff happen without walking you through step by step like I need


I so do not miss school XD


pile all this work ontop of my inability to focus long due to my ADHD and you have a person about to just let themselves flunk


Wait I feel like I should know this I did quadratic equations last math course.But I dont.


Have you tried an algebra calculator?Most take you through the problem ((and give an answer)) if that helps.


no, if it’s an app I can’t get it, I have no space on my stupid phone