Story ramblings! The Tea Of The Day Is - Magical Unicorn Fart Rainbow Tea!! XD


my sister turns into satan spawn if she doesn’t have her medication, she just got it because I asked her about it because the way she was acting was a huge tell she never had her patch




Well, this probably isn’t how you’re supposed to do it, since I see you’re doing Algebra, but I’m going to teach you how to do it anyway.

To take the derivative, just take the exponent, stick it in front, subtract one from that number, and make exponent minus one the new exponent. The derivative of x^2 is 2x, for example, or the derivative of 3x is 3.

Getting the idea?

(It’s fine if you aren’t, I’m a bad teacher.)

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which, I’m surprised she didn’t fight me on it, usually she does and I have to call one of our parents and chase her around the house with the phone while my parents try to convince her to go get her medicine


Those are pretty.


I have a meeting with my teacher Monday, so tomorrow I think I’m gonna do a huge essay I’ve been pushing off, then work on Sociology a little, then more on English throughout the weekend


Slytherin smells like driftwood, sea salt, and honeysuckle and Rhysand is jasmine, blue musk, and fresh rain

They are divine

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If I get far enough, I won’t feel as guilty and useless for not getting much other than science for this week done


I’m gonna raid the cabinets and see if I can find any tea (highly doubt it, nobody drinks any, but I really am feeling tea)

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Do it. Tea always makes everything better


we have no tea but we have tons of jello and pudding stuff and I found where all our painkillers are at

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I also found some juice packets, they’ll have to do :unamused:

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hey, for those who saw my outline, what did you guys think?


Oh my gods! I just realized! I put the month as November, not December in all my paperwork for Popeyes!

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How’d that happen?


I for some reason thought this month was the 11th, not thinking that January was the 1st




It just dawned on me when I went to add to my workbook for Kassidy


also my sister won’t get out of bed and do her homework, maybe turning my music up and singing will get her up

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She locked the damn door so I couldn’t tell her to go do her homework