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I just finished chapter 32 of my book!!


Okay thats what I thought it was but wasnt sure.Maybe you could have the scene introduce the dueling itself so theres more than just “Oh heres this guy thats gonna cause drama dont mind me”.Theres also showing how she prepares for a fight maybe and what she does in the days before/ time before if you go with the area where they are deemed ready to fight It could also show her fighting skills and I wouldnt worry too much about it being too long.Some chapters need to be longer than others to showcase everything thats needed for the plot.


Also I would like for my brain to focus on my current work in progress but all it wants to do today is imagine Harry Potter next gen fanfiction when I dont even write fanfiction for any fandom.

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Lol. I also want my brain to focus.
I took a break from editing to write poetry, and add another chapter to my book, and I finished what I was going to do, but I can’t get back into editing.


I like the idea of showing the reader a little about her fighting prep and how she gets ready. I have 4 MCs that I switch between in the story, and the dueler is the focal point of this chapter while the other three hang back. The chapter prior to this one detailed my MCs people and heritage through a traditional ceremony, so it might be cool to see how Kez preps for a fight

Thanks for the advise =) If I outline the chapter would it be okay to post a little of it here and get advice?


Yo if this isn’t me right now with the She-ra fandom xD I feel yah!


Someone needs to tell my brain that I dont care how it thinks Albus Severus Potter could be similar to Peter Pettigrew.

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Yea as far as I know thats okay.


My brain hardly knows anything about cursed child because it hasnt read it and has no interest in reading it I know only a few things about Albus Potter but my brain just wants to keep creating theories and connecting the next gen to the maurders gen…Neither Peter or Albus Potter are main characters in the Harry Potter series.What the heck brain why dont we go back to writing a sci-fi brain


I decided that I didn’t like how the chapter turned out, so I’m rewiting it before anyone can read it.


I think I have writer’s block.


I have a problem with far too many ideas but not for the same story.An idea I thought of awhile ago popped up and I’ve decided to just have Sweet Tooth be my main one and to switch between the second one as long as Sweet Tooth gets written.

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I’m having a ‘break’ in the middle of my book, letting everyone have a normal life for a while, and actually giving them a chance to have a first day of school before the real danger comes. I’m having a hard time letting the time pass and still keep it intriguing enough for people to want to read it.


Do you have any romance subplots in your book?Or really good friendships?When your characters are having a break it can be good to showcase those even more in a time where traumatic things aren’t happening.


I’m planning a mystery but I’m not sure if having some ones motive be a past relationship is a good idea.They didn’t commit the crime but every ones a suspect in this story.((I feel like I’m planning so much stories these days but go with it :joy::joy:))

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I’m home and got a free meal of chicken, jambalaya and mac and cheese because why the eff not




If possible you can give your couple some couple moments thatll make the chapters less boring if readers ship them alot :). It all depends on how you want to write it.

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That sounds good


my feet hurt though, also, the owner quizzed me and then taught me stuff I had no clue about and helped provide an example for how to do drive-thru