Story rankings are abusable?



I’m confused about the changes from Genre rankings to tag rankings because I remember when Wattpad removed two genres and reduced it to one, one of the reasons was to make sure very popular story types didn’t clog all genres – like Fanfiction. But now with the tags it’s the wild west again, you’ll find all sorts of things ranking in all sorts of categories.


I could understand the tag systems because they can allow for more specific stories to be found but it’s a massive oversight people can tag their stories things that barely connect and just dominate the rankings.


On the plus side, you can always be number #1 somewhere. Very tempted to put “aotof,gkerpe” under my tags just to see what number one feels like for a change. :rofl:


True. Sometimes I can’t help but think tags & ranking is mess up. In my experience, a popular werewolf story has been all over romance (though its tagged in it and acceptable), short story, new story and others.

Making it more visible to all readers.


I definitely think that fanfiction should not be intermingled with any of the standard fiction. That would clean up a lot of of the tags. Especially anything BTS or anime oriented. Even StarWars.

It’s in fanfiction for a reason - only fans will understand/care about the nuance of the story.


I just had an idea on another similar thread and wanted to see what everyone thought here too.

IDEA: What if Wattpad arranged their system so that if you rank in the top 20 of any genre (werewolf, vampire, romance, fantasy, mystery) then you can’t rank in any other genre and only in tags (hot, alpha, rich, etc) That might be a good compromise.


That’ll be good


Guys, if we complain consistently and make this a big deal they might change it. XD

In all honestly, though, it took months to get announcements for message board, but it is plausible.

I think that tags should definitely be cleaned up as they are easily abused. I try to tag only things relevant to my stories but then I go search those tags and usually all I get is fanfiction and romance. I’m glad to hear they did surveys because that may mean they’re planning to clean things up.

In all honesty, I miss the old system. It was much more search effective in my opinion, and now that I can’t view the genre’s of stories, it’s harder to know what’s what and it’s making finding science fiction, crime, and other genres that I like much harder. (especially short stories)


Judging by the search results tag rankings aren’t too popular of a system, but I don’t feel like enough people would care about it and that goes either way for keeping or removing it.


You never know, sometimes it just takes persistence. Sometimes not.


Imo it’s just that the forum is a minority and sure there’s non-forumers that would wish the tag system was better, but aside from getting someone from Wattpad to look at this (they seem to have no presence tbh but I only started using this again recently), you can just get a majority to pressure some kind of change but that requires a lot of bigger authors actually speaking out about it


Yeah, I guess it’s just a lost cause then. I really should shut up about stuff.


I’m not sure if it was official or by a user but there was a poll about the tag rankings that favored reverting the ranked system so the potential is always there


Maybe, but like you said, bigger voices would need to speak out. That’s probably unlikely.


I have seen a few authors who aren’t happy about wattpad in general, but at the same time it’s really hard to gauge how people really feel because when I mentioned non-forumers, it was the fact they could be saying “I don’t like X and Y” but nobody is actually going to see that, Wattpad just doesn’t seem to be a place where you can sincerely start a movement (despite all the negative beta feedback) and it has never happened before




I agree . people use tags which have no relation to the story. Once I saw a novel in the poetry section. It was in the hot list. It really annoyed me because this steals the opportunity of the writer of the said tag to be in the list !!!
People just use popular tags to get reads!!!


I’m responding to bump this back in existence because it is soooo frustrating when I want to read a book in the, say, werewolf genre and all I see are teen-fiction high school romance books with nothing to do with werewolves and I really want Wattpad to do something about this


There’s a whole thread currently going on. Wattpad is working hard on the issue but apparently it’s a MAJOR issue and they’ve currently got a lot on their plate. You can check out the other thread below if you like :smile_cat:


I totally agree. I am actually about to finish a werewolf novel, and it’s got nothing to do with teenagers, or high school, and I know more people would like to read it. But the ranks have been broken since about chapter 15 for me and now I have to finish the novel…with broken ranks and tags. And it hurts my soul a little bit to know my story might have actually gone somewhere in the ranks…and now it wont :sweat:

I am still grateful for the few people that have tried to inform us, but I am thinking I won’t be posting much on Wattpad in the future. If it really is Glitchpad, then I don’t know how that’s useful to me