Story rankings are abusable?



Wow, thanks! I didn’t know that thread was in existence haha I’ll definitely look at it and yeah I imagine it’s not something so easily fixable but it helps to know they’re aware of it


Yeah, I can imagine how frustrating it is as the writer dealing with that! But, hopefully it will be fixed within the relatively near future!


Agreed, glad I could help :slight_smile:


Use -teenfiction and -romance to remove all books that have that keyword. If we do this, it will weed out books with inaccurate keywords. Putting in a keywords will result fewer hits. I search on a keyword and then us <-> to filter until I get down to a manageable list. If we go with this strategy it helps if writers use the maximum allowable number of keywords and keep them accurate. I’d like to seem standardization of keywords: scifi, sci-fi, or sciencefiction?


At first, I thought it was a great idea, but you’re right with what you say.


Saame. Reporting the book does nothing, because apparently with the new system the genres don’t matter.

100% agree




Are you talking about your own book?
At the end of the day people wanna read a finished novel - not a novel that’s been dragging for 1.5 years. Some people’s preference is literally to only read books marked completed.

And the rankings vary. Some books of mine rank and have legit spots with the ranks, others (mostly 1 book) has false rankings. - that is ranking in the tag system rather the genre. Just because it didn’t rank last week doesn’t mean it can’t rank next week. Personally, I’ve noticed that ranks change pretty fast - if you look at the active top 50 list, it changes about every week max - but sometimes it changes as fast as every day or 2. So you just gotta be active with your work; cause honestly? Even every chapter update could give you visibility under new in the genre & tag ranks, even if you don’t make the hot list.


Yeah I was talking about my own :slight_smile:

Recently the tags were actually broken, however. It wasn’t an issue of updates or audience. It has been acknowledged by the site for the last few months and many ambassadors (There are a lot of threads around here on that issue). Now that they are functioning again, my rank seems to be appropriate for what it was prior to the break.

EDIT: What I meant about chapter 15 for me - that was around the date when it officially broke, and I remember being reluctant about posting chapter 16 because the ranks were officially broken (there was a post on the Known Issues at this time that was generated around then). My readership actually went up past chapter 15, so it wasn’t an issue of a boring chapter or bad arc, and if anything I gained more reads after the break. But it still killed me a little that most of my success was during an actual break in the tags, which means it could be more than it is now. Although I still finished because I wasn’t going to stop my book for it :slight_smile:


I’m glad you finished the book regardless - if I understood you correctly. It’s a pet peeve of mine, seeing people abandon their books over small things. While it’s nice to rank, 1) you gotta understand that it’s not a permanent thing (esp if you’re talking about high rank tags and not just those in 200’s), cause what wattpad now seems to try to do is rotate people in the ranks on the regular & bringing in new, undiscovered books into the ranks (I’ve literally seen newly published under 100-200 poetry books make it to the hot list - but idr if it was under the genre or tags)+ there’s once popular books that are no longer ranking) and 2) if you’ve already got a dedicated readership then tags matter even less - which seems to be the case as you said you did fine during the time ranks were broken.

I just replied to you cause I was bit worried you were throwing an ultimatum and quitting wattpad & posting your book :sweat_smile::joy:

But I’m glad all is good :heart::heart:

Best wishes xx


They improved, but I’m pretty sure they’re not fixed. For example, my story has a ranking in 17 tags right now, but the story can be found in any location under only 5 or 6 of them. It has been that way for two weeks. The “tags and rankings are broken” notice from Wattpad is still up, after 3 months.


Same. I loved the old.


Same thought. :no_mouth:

A werewolf story in random category. Honestly how they arranged story now is crap


And vice versa lol


Exactly! I was recently browsing through the Poetry Hot list and it’s full of fanfics, bad boy stories, mafia romances and daddy kink porn?!? This has nothing to do with poetry so why are those books there? Can only be because the authors have added tags that are not relevant to their books, unless WP’s hotlists are not working properly.


So it’s not just me then lol.
Fr tho, kinda sad to see that rank spot wasted on someone outside of the genre. But are genre ranks supposed to be based on the one genre limit option you have when marking your book & not based on tags? If you’re talking about accessing the poetry hotlist via Discover tab. Hmm, maybe they’re broken after all.


I really don’t know if they’re broken or not. I barely use the hotlists anyway. Once in a while I check them out, but since they are full of books that have nothing to do with the genre, I usually stop scrolling quite quickly.


Why is it wp taking too much time fixing the bugs and? Its been over years now. :fearful::anguished: (its time to hire new engineers,lol)