Story Rankings - Missing Page

Whenever I click on my story ranking then attempt to search the list of stories it’s indicating it has a rank in (i.e #7 in #litreads) it takes me to a screen that says “Page appears to be missing” which then continues to refresh every five seconds, causing me to have to close the tab and open a new one. I believe this may be a glitch.

(here’s some screenshots)

Then I clicked on the LitReads ranking and it took me to this

This screen continued to refresh every other second or so.

If someone could work on fixing this, that would be great! Thank you.

@WorldsInsideMyHead is there anyway you could close this? It appears the issue has been resolved :slight_smile:

I see that it’s been resolved, but I find that this issue’s pretty common. At least for me, I’ve had it happen countless times. Oh, well XD

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