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Title: Knights of Lore: Into Darkness

cover : FB_IMG_1554746427040

Description: Seven hundred years ago they came and almost wiped humanity out of existence.

Now they’ve returned stronger than ever to finish what they started all those years ago.

The extermination of mankind.

Kariah-Belle Nadirè dreams of becoming a knight and following in her parents’ footsteps. However before she can walk a path behind her mother and father, she must put their souls to rest by slaying the man who slaughtered her entire family branch.

After an unfortunate turn of events, Kariah-Belle finally becomes a Knight and is apprenticed under Holy Knight: Star Titania. Her new squad mates, Aya and Kaden have already started making a name for themselves. Upon meeting Kaden, Kariah-Belle suspects she isn’t the lone survivor everyone thought and as the two get closer, things once hidden in the dark are brought to light.

Her chaotic world becomes even more so when a powerful alien race returns to eradicate all life on the planet.

In a world full dangerous wildlife, factions, and a race that sees humans as livestock, Kariah-Belle will need her friends, both old and new to survive. Will it be enough? Or will the life of a knight prove too much?

Book one of the Knights of Lore series



my story is young adult and sort of dark ficition, if you want to check it out.

Title: Fuel the Flame
Description: Months after a deep loss that left Mary Stewart hollow and apathetically depressed, she allows herself a chance. She wants to feel again. Different people make her feel different things, but these aren’t real feelings; they’re mimicked plays of emotion. She lies to herself and she lies to others. Eventually she doesn’t know what’s the truth or what’s the lie, and she realizes that she doesn’t know anymore if she’s pretending or not. The spark was started and a fire was lit, and everything would go down in flames.

if you could look at it, that’d be amazing. i’m really looking for feedback


sounds good fantasy! i’ll give it a read… :slight_smile:


wow nice story! its new and different :slight_smile:


sounds fun and exciting! i crave for dark-mysterious stories :ok_hand:


ah your story iis so good! the cover is good too, but you can add more depth to it as your story is very deep! :slight_smile:


your story lies in the genres i like and it sounds good too, i’ll give it a read and sure i’ll leave comments where i feel like it :wink:


coool! i liked the intro and your cover is lit :ok_hand::eyes:


sounds action and fun!
and yep i’ll give it a read! im adding it to my list :slight_smile:


thats what im looking for girl! i myself write YA-dark fiction
and your story seems really interesting to me! :+1:


So im closing this here for any upcoming entries… because i already have a lot to read!
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My story is not lgbt romance but it has those elements. Would that be fine?

Title: Elysia: The Wasteworld

Genre: Adventure/Action/Dystopian

Summary: The world is in catastrophe. The Great War has devastated the globe. All governments have lost their power and the systems that hold everything together are falling apart at the seams. And then there is Elysia–the last standing paradise on Earth. However, it is in a secluded place, out of reach of anyone who is ineligible of entering the city. Would Erik, a reckless blond boy with a Cadillac and Jessica, who grew up to be a ruthless, independent woman, be able to team up and reach Elysia in search of a new life and everlasting bliss?



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Title: UGLY


I made this cover myself. Hope you like it.

Description: Born in a conservative family, after getting a teaching job at a local university, Yash quickly moves out from his parents house. Blessed with beautiful parents and a hot, carefree sibling, Yash had always felt left out.

He neither had the looks nor any specific talent. Was he even his parents child?

After getting dumped by almost everyone based on his face value, Yash was convinced he was ugly.

So what happens when a young, sexy foreign youtuber , the kind Yash loathes, suddenly intrudes at his home?


This story has only one chapter. If you wish to read something that has more chapters, I will suggest this one.



Hey, I’m so glad you’re doing this! It would mean the world to me if you could check out my book! I promise it won’t disappoint!


Title: Beyond His Green Eyes
Status: Ongoing (17 chapters)
Genre: Teen Fiction
Summary: When Sydney arrives at her dream college after a reclusive high school year, she has no intention of carrying the past with her. Enter Noah Parker. The playboy incarnate with looks to match.

Sydney Lewis. Noah Parker.
Sassy girl meets egoistic jerk.
Who hasn’t heard the story before?

But this time, there is a twist.
A secret lies in Sydney’s past. Buried and waiting.

With an increasing curve of chance encounters with the college playboy and seemingly aligned fates, her past threatens to obliterate her future.
But there is a bigger problem waiting for Sydney: she’s falling for Noah. Hard. She knows what it means to go for the win, but getting love means spilling her secrets.

Can Sydney pay the price?

Link: Here!

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Short Summary: A girl transmigrated in a different body from a different and completely untold world.
Genre: Romantic-Fantasy

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Genre: Werewolf
“You will always be the pathetic Beta’s daughter who can’t even throw a punch. And to me, you’re nothing more than the Luna I am forced to deal with for the sake of my pack.”

Raven Hilton is unloved. With neglect and cruelty comes insecurity and pain, and she grows up bearing the burden of her inner turmoil.
After she finds her mate, the feared Alpha Alexander, this doesn’t change. She is cast aside and treated like filth by the one she was destined to love.
Raven soon becomes tangled up into a mess of secrets, painful scars, and lies. As new friends and new enemies are added to the equation, she comes to realize that she is not the only one with scars from her past.
Her new friends have scars, too.
Her enemies have scars, too.
Raven finds that there are hidden truths to be discovered about everyone around her, including her mate.
Time does not heal all wounds, and love does not melt all hearts.


Thank you so much for the feedback! If you could comment critiques in specific places, that would be great but if you prefer PMing, I’m all for that as well.


Hi! You wouldn’t mind checking my story would you? It’s my first time writing on Wattpad and I just wanted to get feedback on how my writing is and how interesting the book is in general. Many thanks!
Title: Bride In The Voyage
Main Genre: Romance-Comedy
Pain. Laughter. Happiness. Emotions run untamed as Miles Bateman pursues the love of his life, Harriet Pollard. Along with his lifetime friend Ronnie Herman, Miles goes through a rollercoaster of events, both good and bad, at most times being funny, until that dreadful day came. It was complete pandemonium, screaming and crying everywhere; this put Miles’ loyalty to the test, to not only save his friend and love, but rather himself from quietus. The only problem is, how?



Title: Wild
genre: Werewolf
“Each year all wolves counting seventeen winters are summoned to the Ranking. In the cold, harsh wild they will have to fight for their place in the world. There is no law in the arena, no help. To survive you will have to trust your instincts, choose a strategy and discover your inner wilderness.
The world belongs to those strong enough to take it.”

Thank you so much for taking the time, you’re an angel <3