Story Title Ratings!

Get your story title rated by me! I have honest opinions so be prepared. Just post your story title and cover picture, and I’ll rate it from 1-10. Also a short description of your story plot! Everyone please feel free to rate other peoples covers as well :slight_smile:

Title: Short Summers and Old Fires
Short Summers and Old Fires

(yup it’s a Niall Horan fanfic)

Discover Soulmate
discover somi

Very interesting! The cover is nice and clean. I’ll give you an overall 7.5!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I love the cover picture. It is so angelic. I’ll give you an over all 8.9-10

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ooo yay!! Such high score!!

Title: Vile

I think the font could look a little better but I like the name. An overall 5.5-10

Snow Blade, Icy Shield

The cover is probably temporary, but here it is.

Beautiful and eye catching color! I like the font as well. I’ll give you a 8.8-10

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Thanks for taking a moment to reply. Honestly, been on the website one day and its my first writing project. So I will take any critique.

ten convenient ways to kill a man

Oh well welcome to wattpad :slight_smile: If you have any questions let me know !

ooo a very sinister title. The cover is very eye pleasing. I’ll give you a 9.9-10

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thank you love <3

Thanks! I’m good with that. :hugs:

Sounds like fun! Here’s mine :blush:

Title: A Deadly Game

Short Summary: Two detectives must try to not only solve a series of grisly murders, but also stop the killer from choosing his next victim. Little did they know that they will find themselves caught in a web of lies, passion, and in the eyes of the killer.

I love the picture of your cover. The font is very lovely. I’ll give you a 9.5-10

Title: Mortal Book 1: Exigent