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So in my story, I have 16 characters and 7 of them are my main characters. I have a format that goes like this:

1st and 2nd chapters

[The beginning/Rising Action]

3rd and 4th chapters

[The middle/Climax]

5th and 6th chapters

[The end/Resolution]

I plan on writing 42 chapters (each MC gets 6). I need help with a storyline idea for one of my MC, Dana.

Any idea? Do you have any background?

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Im kinda leaning towards a girl-next-door but with a dark secret kind of thing but idk

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That’s a lot of characters to juggle.
What’s the overall story about?

Tell us more about Dana with detail. What is she like? Did you have a purpose for her?

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alright so heres my plot:

Middle school can be an easy road for some while it can be a pothole filled one for others. Maddie is the perfectionist honor roll dancer who wants to be the best at everything. Nicholas is the nerd who seems to be everyone’s punching bag. Kendall is the mean girl with deep insecurities.

??? Caden is the follower who can’t seem to win his father’s love. Jordan is a rough-around-the-edges bad boy who hides his softer side and his twin sister, Jayden can’t seem to get out of his shadow.

From first crushes and kisses to peer pressure to friendship drama, these preteen kids just try to navigate and hope to come out alive

?= Dana’s potential Storyline

If you know what the climax/action scene is, work back from there. If you really don’t know, leave a black chapter where she would be and once you’ve finished the rest of the story come back to it and add in whatever makes sense

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Dana might be like an enemy for Maddie. Like in front of everyone else she is a sweet, birth she threatens Maddie. Specially if they like the same boy. That’s a very basic scenario on midschool lol so the details of it you can add !

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Or I might make Kendall that and just have Dana be on the other side of that storyline. :thinking: so many decisions :sweat_smile:

Update: I finally got a story. Thanks you guys for all the help :blush::blush:

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