Story's Feedback (Closed)


I’m Sierra (Stroy), and I’m here with two different options for you but both come with their own payment and rules so be sure to read them closely. Even though my month is pretty much packed, I figured why not add fun to it, which is where you come in.

You can pick either a review or plain old feedback.

I’ll read most anything, however, I won’t accept poetry, non-fiction, and spiritual because I won’t know how to help on those myself. I can decline any story request posted in this thread. One way of getting declined is posting covers with stories. I will do fan fiction for those curious.

Feedback will be posted on the story chapters. Feedback can take a few days, usually between 2-3.

Reviews will either be sent by doc to the author or published here. I’m still not too sure on that one yet.

A disclaimer (though I probably wouldn’t really consider it one or call it that) has been posted in the 4th comment, stating anything that I didn’t put up here.


For feedback which will be to help you improve should I find something, you’ll have to complete the form below. Usually, I’ll aim for either one long one at the bottom of a chapter or I’ll leave comments throughout the chapter, depending on how I’m feeling.

Feedback is pretty much a book swap, the only difference is I’ll read one more chapter then you do. So say you read three of my chapters then I’ll read four of yours.

Payment for Feedback is you read one less chapter of mine you want me to read yours, 3 in-line comments on each chapter of anything, however, if you do point something out be sure to say what it is instead of just saying a spelling mistake, or unless you want to return the favor one long comment at the end of the chapter with fixes. Comments on Prologues and Author Notes do not count.

Book you can choose from: ZomPon or Falling on the Landmine


Payment: (Payment is not to be done until I accept you. This is just to tell me which book you’ll most likely pick from mine.)
In-line or one long comment:


Reviews are a whole different story from Feedbacks and will take more time and also cost a slightly different payment(s). I’ll read between 5-10 chapters of a story before giving the review as the plot, character personality, and one major event should have happened by that point and be noticeable. In reviews, I will not point out each mistake or any mistakes as I would in feedback and tell you how to fix them, however, I would give the general mention if I should.

My goal is to tell you what I think of the story, the strong points, the weak points, the ups, the downs, and give an overview of what I read. Reviews may take at a minimum of two weeks, depending on how busy I get and how crazy life is.

I am also in a review group with others and you can check them out to see if you would like to have one of them review your book. The host of that book is linked on my Wattpad Profile.

Payment for a review is to read 3 chapters minimal of Falling on the Landmine while making sure to comment between 1-3 times and you can either add the story to an open reading list or give it a positive shout out. Comments on Prologues and Author Notes do not count.




Feedback Queue

bidiyakdamian | Burn For You | 15 Chapters | Waiting on Payment

Mellisa2731 | Silver Bullets | 5 Chapters | Completed

Abigail-Lynn0 | Capiche | 2 Chapters | Waiting on Payment

SeriouSeerat | Dreams of You | 4 Chapters | In-progress


:open_book: Review Queue :fountain_pen:

imotallynotokay | somebody to you | In-progress



I am not responsible if you take any given feedback the wrong way, nor am I responsible if I deny you. If I find that you did not read the story, commenting too many times too soon when it would be nearly impossible, trust me I know, I will not be responsible should I decide to not do my part because it isn’t called skimming and reading. As a reader, and writer, I know the pains of not wanting to read something that might not be your genre and writing something you treasure. You treat my story like you want yours treated. Commenting three real times is not a problem, even if it’s only three comments in the very beginning, however if on all chapters you comment on are in the beginning my feed back will be the same way. If there are not 3 in-line comments on each chapters, not counting prologues, I will not start on the Feedback. If the payment isn’t started a week after I accept, I will remove your name. You do not need to finish the amount of chapters in that time, however you do need to read at least one chapter in those seven days.

Payment is not to be done until accepted or you will be denied. Covers are not to be posted below or you will be denied.

Reviews will take at the minimal of two weeks, hopefully a lot sooner, but I also have a life outside of this quick thing I started and other things that had my agreement before this. Reviews will be either in boxed in placed here, I’ll be sure to let the author know when the time comes.

Any author that requested and been accepted but is found not following the guidelines will be banned, their name being placed under the banned sign.



While you can go ahead and fill out the form if you would like, I will be closed until I finish the books above and also catch up on some other things. If you do decide to fill out the form my reply will be longer to get back to you.


Would you be willing to do a au fanfiction?


Yes, of course. Any fan fiction is something I’m willing to read, even if I’m not part of that fandom. It’s even better when they’re au fan fiction.

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Title: somebody to you
Genre: fanfiction, romance, lgbt

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And this is for the review section?

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Yah sorry about that I probably should of stated that

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The faults on me haha I just wanted to make sure because both forms are slightly different so I did know.

I accept your book so please make sure to complete the payment when you get the chance to. I’ll get the review done as soon as I can :slight_smile:

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I put your book in a reading list and read and commented on the first five chapters.

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Title: Burn For You
Chapters: 15?
Genre: Romance
Payment: Reading 15 chapters off your Falling on the Landmine

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I accept your request and will start after you. And fifteen chapters is fine.

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Thank you :heart:

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Title: Landing in Love
Chapters: 15
Genre:Teen fiction
Payment: waiting
In-line or one long comment: in line


Im not sure what waiting in the payment section means but I accept your request and will start after you start payment.

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Hey thank you so much for doing this! I want a feedback please!
Title:Silver Bullets
Payment: (Payment is not to be done until I accept you. This is just to tell me which book you’ll most likely pick from mine.)I think i will read ZomPon
In-line or one long comment: In-line please

As soon as you accept i will complete the payment!

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Of course, I accept your request and will start after you start payment.

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I completed the payment! Honestly one of the best books i have read so far!

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