Strategy: Workable at all, or am I just nuts???


I have written two novels in two different genres (well, and one fan fiction that isn’t on here. Bleah.) The manuscript I’m starting to post on here right now is a police procedural that’s undergoing its final rewrite. I COULD possibly make that a five book series, BUT…I’m not that comfortable with the police stuff. (So why did I write a %$(&( procedural then?? Because what I’m really trying to write about is mental illness, and cops run into a lot of that. :slight_smile: ) I had an easier time with that when my husband was alive to help me out. After he passed away, well…So, unless that somehow acquires a following, and I don’t think this is the place where police procedurals stand out, I don’t think it’s worth the struggle to write the other five.

I’m having an easier time with a fantasy dystopian that I’m starting the second rewrite on now. That, I have planned three books and I can see myself finishing those. (Eventually.) The reason: It’s really about relationships and affair-related issues, and I’ve read extensively about those topics and feel a lot more at home writing those.

What I’m trying to do now is reach out online and try to establish some kind of presence writing about topics tangential to the books. That would be, for the police novels, mental illness, specifically borderline personality disorder, and for the dystopian, relationships, affair-related issues, codependency, and astrology. I’m trying to have some sort of audience lined up where one day I can say, I have a book coming out, and someone might actually notice.

I just don’t know if you can sell fiction…writing about nonfiction.

I have two websites. I have joined a site called YourTango on which one can post articles on relationship and astrology topics. The place gets 2 million reads a month, and if you’re featured on the front page…well, one of my articles has close to 19,000 reads.

I keep trying to tweak my profile on there to drive traffic to the websites, but…can you really promote fiction that way?? Am I just nuts?

I figure it will take me several more years to have three novels ready to self-publish and market, so I’ve got plenty of time to pull and tweak. But, am I barking up the wrong tree here? Is this at all useful a thing to be doing? I don’t know crap about online marketing, and I don’t know crap about how to use Twitter.



I think it’s doable, yes. What you’re doing is identifying your target audience and making yourself familiar to them. You can’t, of course, assume that everyone who is interested in topic A is a reader of fiction or a reader of fiction about topic A, but it’s a GREAT place to start.

I would caution you to weigh the amount of time you’ll need to spend creating the non-fiction site and marketing to draw traffic to it – and doing whatever needs to be done to KEEP those eyes. If that amount of time is eating into your fiction writing/editing time, then it may not be worth the hassle. Also consider how much work it will be. Do you LOVE the topic enough that you’ll do that work on an ongoing basis?


Been on Twitter for 10 years. Trust me, it’s not that hard to figure out. You have a 280-character limit in each post and when you finally hit the red zone, you’re done. Then you post your “tweet” and the whole world will pick up on it.


I like the idea. You are doing something creative and creative is good. Especially as you have time to collect addresses and built up your mailing list.


Yeah, that’s a consideration. OTOH, I WANT to write these articles. But, there’s no way I can post on everything once a week. So now when I have an idea to write what, I do, and I just post wherever as the spirit moves me.

Probably not the best way, but my interests are sort of scattered right now.


Oh, dear. A “mailing list”???

Um, where can I get information about how to do that???



Two books I recommend you read about mailing lists - not just how to do get one but more importantly WHAT to do with one - are Newsletter Ninja by Tammi Labrecque and Strangers to Superfans by David Gaughran. Well worth a read to get you started :slight_smile:




Yeah, eep here as well, it’s a bit of a daunting task. But attracting people interested in what you do is a key part of the process. They come back and read more of what you write.