Strong character



How to make a Character strong and interesting?


Make them go through some shit. All characters have to go through some troubles and problems in their life. Strong characters are experienced, they can relate to any tragic event and some can be wise. They are more driven by moral and a sense of duty. They are more empathetic, reasonable. They always get back on their feet. Although their personalities can vary


… Big question here, haha.
People can write whole books on how to do this!

To say it simply- to make your character interesting, they need to be multi-dimensional, have flaws, goals and evolve over the course of the story. No one wants to read about a perfect character which does everything right- they want to read about characters who mess things up, or do the wrong things for the right reasons, or the right things for the wrong reasons. They want to watch this character learn and overcome their flaws (or try to, anyway) and try to accomplish what they set after. There’s no 1 way to do all these things. But don’t be afraid to make a character who has big things wrong with their personality, even if it makes them a jerk or arrogant or timid or whatever else.

To make them strong? I feel like this part is way more complicated. Because you have to define what strong actually is. Physically strong? Independent? Strong in a sense that they are are the ones driving the story (meaning their actions shape the plot, rather than the character reacting to the plot)?
There are different meanings to strong, so there isn’t a simple answer here.
But to me, one version of a strong character can be one which is head-strong, meaning they have a goal and they stick to it. They do things that change the story and shape the conflict. They fail sometimes (fail a lot, actually) but they continue going after what they want, even if they’re relying on other people along the way. A character doesn’t need to be 100% independent and a badass to be strong, in my opinion anyway.

But overall, there are a million ways to make a character both strong and interesting. You can also look at some characters that you think have these qualities and analyse why you think they’re strong or interesting.


It really depends on the character. Is this a warrior, hacker, marksman, pilot, etc.? A character should be developed naturally and have a reason for whatever drives them. Are they moving towards or away from something?


Making the character REAL. The mc doesn’t have to go through shit to have a strong personality. Being strong requires having a strong mind, and I think if you manage to bring out the best and worst in your character you’re on a good way to making them strong and interesting. Show what they think and that they’re not afraid to show it - make them dynamic and different. We all are. Those who are strong, in my opinion, are those who dare. Those who know where they want to go in life and don’t wait for others to come around. Those who live!
No matter what your story is about, if your goal is to create someone who does just that, then ask yourself what makes a person strong for you.
What helps me is imagining it’s me and describing myself in all the ways I want to be, no matter if I am or not. I want to be strong - so I write as if I were writing about what I want and what I think strong people should be. As already meantioned above, making this whole ordeal realistic would be to add mistakes and general misfortunes. A character is only real when the author makes him real. And in reality, no one is perfect. You’re never strong and interesting without any flaws. If you wouldn’t have any, you’d be pretty boring to me. Hope this helped a bit! :blush:


In my opinion, a “strong character” isn’t someone who is infallible, undefeated and goes through every challenge without a scratch. That’s an annoying, unrealistic character.
Even strong characters can be defeated, heavily injured, can give up, be emotional, cry rather often. What makes them strong is that they always carry the thing to the end despite all the hardship they go through. Even though scarred, they continue and never fail in their resolve. They don’t do what’s easy, but what they believe is right.
Even a tiny, overly emotional girl who cries a lot can be a strong character if she’s able to shake off the hardship and endure until the very end. On the other hand, a strong man who can handle every situation with ease can become weak if he, for example, betrays his friends to save his own skin.
That’s what I think about the topic, I hope it makes sense at least a bit.


add diversity to them, not just in looks but in character. give them an interesting backstory, or a passion they want to pursue, or really anything you feel sets them apart from a cliche character. for example, if you’re writing about a jock, don’t make him a womanizing manwhore, make him sensitive, or anything else that makes him different. give them real emotions, even if they’re a broody bad boy or something, because they’re human after all. don’t portray them as emotionless oe never having thoughts other than neutrality. :heart: