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Yup, that was my plan as well. But my setting is not modern.


Well, how many views do you get each week for your novel?


thanks, and I tried almost all of that, except promo on other social networks since I don’t really have them besides facebook XD


I feel you honey, hope we both manage to unlock the wisdom behind that mysterious thing called promotion.
p.s. I’m not drunk, just a bit tipsy so this comment was supposed to be funny lmao


Haha, it was fairly amusing lol. I think my big problem is that much of what I write is rather niche.


what do you write?


Thank you so much for your advice.


The unsolicited ones, about ten maybe. Most so far comes from reading exchanges. It is super-hard to tell on WP, because it has a weird way of counting views. But, the fantasy novel did much better than the space opera, that’s for sure. I am returning to fantasy after I stop posting the sci-fi.


Can you please give your opinion about this funeral scene? Is there anything I should changed? It’s not finished, but I’d like to see if it’s going good so far.

While the citizens and diplomatic acquaintances of the King made there way to the funeral home, the Prince and Queen stayed at the palace. They were the closest family the King had had, given that the rest of them have mysteriously vanished or suffered an untimely death. But with the King’s list of enemies, today was something the Prince had assumed would happened much later; not now. He held the Queen as she cried, screaming for someone to bring back the only light that was in her life. He knew that there was nothing he could say that would comfort her.

The high-pitched sound of horns blaring signaled them that the hearse had arrived. Taking her hand into his, he gently led her downstairs and guided her outside to where the hearse was parked. Dozens of servants wheeled barrows inside the palace, gifts from those who wanted to expressed their deep sorrow. The sight of it made the Prince scowl, but he quickly changed his expression and tended to his step-mother. He led her into the car that was parked behind the hearse and opened the door for her, shutting it after they went inside. From the slightly tented windows, he could see the drivers fill the hearse with Angrecs.

He grinned. It was fitting; something that was well-suited for King. After they finished, the driver got into the car and waited for the hearse to start, before driving behind it.

The Prince and Queen arrived to the funeral location where the service would take place. From where he stood, he could see the scientist his father had often assisted and smiled at her. She slightly hesitated when she caught it, but as quick as the hesitation came, she smiled brightly towards him and made her way over.


I write fantasy and fantasy-romance, but the thing that’s niche about it is that most of my writing is the journals of my Dungeons and Dragons characters who talk about their adventures.


Do you think your fantasy did better just because of the genre? I’m moving into fantasy after my star wars thing is done, kind if curious on whether it will get reads faster or slower than my sci fi stuff


I think it’ s a good start. I don’t know much about the story, but I feel there is so much information in that scene for me to kind of know what is going on.


I think so, that space opera specifically is a tough sell in a book format, particulary from an amateur like I am.

While with my fantasy, I did get a few comments saying that it felt too unfamiliar (guzheng in particular caused issues), I got the beta reader just quitting on me after struggling with VR, comm, holo, etc, the things that for me, who followed sci-Fi shows, was familiar.

The other thing, most fantasy uses a pool of creatures that we are all aware of, but you have to introduce all the alien species, name them, etc.


Is the prince the King’s son? Is Queen his mother?

If so, it would feel a bit more natural if there was a more personal view of the King’s death, rather than a remote account like this, in my view. You can fill in some sentiment between the lines, personalize it, give the Prince a voice. If he is a cold, remote man, he might feel irritated by his mother’s wailing, he might provide a feel about his father’s death. Angry, sad, indifferent, resentful.

I would suggest to avoid telling that the rest of the royal family disappeared, just say that the two were the only ones left in the world, w/o listing the facts. It is a big piece of lore, and maybe you can work with it later, in conversations or thoughts.

My two cents.


did you try publishing on platforms for fanfiction like AO3 or fanfiction(dot)net? I prefer AO3 for my fanfics since it’s more new-story-gaining-recognition-friendly. hell, my fanfic there is quite popular unlike on wattpad xD


Hello everyone!

I new to the site and just started my first story. It is Paranormal but would be great if I could get some tips & support on how to improve my writing.


I haven’t but nor is it fanfic. I don’t actually play using D&D canon lore and such. It’s an original story, just happened to have been told using game mechanics originally.


You’re welcome :upside_down_face:


The Prince is the King’s son. The Queen is his step-mother.

I’ll try to fill in some sentiment and give a more personalized point of view of the King’s death. While writing it, I felt indifferent towards the entire thing; I’ve never been to a funeral before, I never saw my family member’s face in a casket. Whenever there was a funeral, my mother would make us stay home and she’d go alone.

I won’t reveal how the King died; it’d make the whole part a bit obvious. But I did give the Prince a voice; he spoke during the funeral. I reread what you said and it caught my eye—indifferent; I’m going to write this in a third person point-of-view and make sure that the Prince’s emotions are also shown throughout the scene—how he feels about the death. I’ll also take your suggestion.


Thank you.