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Thanks! But why send it to me by email? Like, why not publish it on Wattpad where more people can enjoy it?


Btw @Penguin_Dream I love your username!


What do you mean by darker? I’m in for a bit of action, though!
Mine’s teetering along some romantic lines in the beginning, but it’s going to turn into full-fledged DOTING between an ex-slave turned pirate captain and a… doctor


I’ll take a look at it! :grinning:
What’s the name of your book?


Haha thanks :joy:


I’m gonna be re-titling it soon, but for now it’s The Chronicles of the M Dimension
There are two books, numbered respectively. Start with 1.


Ooh :wink: I’ll take a look. That sounds unique!

By darker, I mean that the MC has been a slave her entire life and has dealt with a lot of abuse, and a lot of the (good) characters have done questionable things. She’s not one of those slaves who ends up being super stubborn and outspoken (because honestly, I think that’s kind of unrealistic given the life she has lived). I know this sounds like a crummy abuse fiction story, but it’s not, I promise :joy:


If I had to be honest, I feel like a shit writer.


I can’t wait! Being a slave makes her similar to my MC, actually, so I think I’d enjoy it a lot. My MC turned out bitter and angry lol




And, done. Liked the character voice, she is lively.


Thanks! The perspectives switch throughout the book, and that’s the last you’ll hear from her for a loooong time.


Neat, multipov is always fun for me.


Same here


I write fantasy. In my opinion though, it gets dark as the books progress.

However, it seemed like my own rules of 40 chapters and 2k+ limit might need to break. I felt like it was an awful decision on my behalf so I am planning to read all of my works again so I know where to add chapters before I leave a link for anyone interested to read.


Ah, whenever. I am trying to check out a few new stories each week, just because WP can be a lonely place, and stuff.


I see


I think we all feel like shit writers sometimes. Is there anything in particular you’re feeling not so great about? I don’t know much aboout writing but maybe I can help :slight_smile:


I am bad at suggestions.

Is starting with any character’s description okay?


You see, I’ve been trying to write the beginning of my Prologue for DAYS! It’s frustrating the living fuck outta me and the cramps, migraines, and sensitivity to the cold I’ve been getting has not been helping. I’ve finally gotten nearly 300 words done. I stopped trying to write a funeral scene and started writing what happened after it. It’s… bleh.