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Are you the kind of writer who can work out of order? I need to do everything in chronological order but I’ve heard some people have had success by writing the middle first then tacking on the beginning later


From how I’ve situated myself, I don’t think I can do it out of order. Not with the amount of time I have left until I have to publish again. I’m the type of writer who wings out when it comes to organization. I could always start in the middle, but for this story and how I’m going, I’m writing it chronologically. I have no plan, but I know which direction I’m going.


HI! my name is rachel, i’m new AND i’m struggling hahaahah. i just posted my first chapter ever of me trying to write and i need help desperately! if anyone wants to help a girl out i’ll try and help u out too!!! plus we can be friends as a bonus


Sure, I’ll give it a look-over.


thanks soooo much!! if there’s anything you would like me to check out lmk!


Hey, Rachel! Welcome. I’ll read your story.


Hi! Thanks so much I appreciate it! Lmk too if there’s anything you would like for me to check out of yours!


I cannot explain how much I hate Jeremy.


HAAHHAHA i want to create the character you love to hate


Well, you sure did a damn good job at it. I just—god, the way he treats Elise after what she’s done to help him is just sooo shitty! Like, she didn’t tutor him in seventh grade just to end up being treated like shit. Then again, with all the pressure of popularity (I’m assuming he has pressure) and his insecurities that Elise mentioned before, he concerns me and I sort of sympathize him? Aside from Elise, one character I just can’t help but to love is Jay. He seems so kind and I love how he compromises with her… He’s like her breath of fresh air.


Aghhh oh my thanks so much!! I think it’s so funny/interesting that you hate Jeremy. I kinda thought that people would instead view Elise to just be a super weak character for letting herself be used lol. Yesss we love Jay and that’s the most perfect way to put it, ‘her breath of fresh air’ !


Hey, name’s Dani and this is my first time exploring Wattpad’s forums. Anyway so I’m not really new to writing, but I do struggle lol. I’ve been writing online for about two years and in all I’ve had about 100k reads. But my main problem was being consistent with updates and finding motivation. I’m currently writing a book now but I plan on writing the whole book then publishing a chapter like once a week or something and tweaking chapters as I get feedback/ideas from readers.

I was curious if anyone else has ever done writing this way or thought about it?


I’ve thought about doing it like that—writing the entire book, and then publishing the chapters one by one—but, then, I ended up not doing that. To be honest, it would’ve been a lot easier, but I suppose I like making things a bit hard for myself.


Makes sense— wanting to have a little bit of a challenge for yourself. The only thing though is that writing the entire thing first just takes so long with the book I’m doing, so I might actually not stick to it but I’m not sure yet.


I wish you tons of luck, then.


Thank you!


I do, and I have never had anywhere near so many reads, lol. Two books down, first 100K words, at 3.8K reads after months here, and the second is 50K words, at 149 reads.


I’ve done it both ways and I think I prefer writing the whole story first then posting it. While posting as you write gives quicker rewards (I find it nice when I see my reads go up, makes me more motivated to keep going) I think posting a chapter that’s seen an edit or two is better and there’s no time pressure of trying to write to keep up with your upload schedule


Aye congrats on the reads lol.


Cannot say I am successful because not one bit of comment or review came, but I did that with my book 6, which is mostly a flashback of my main character (an elementalist/prince)