Struggling/New Writers' Club


Hi Everyone,
I am Christina and i’ve only started writing on Wattpad since January of this year
I only / mostly write fanction about Damon (David Walliams and Simon Cowell.
but i also write about Simanda (Simon Cowell / Amanda holden , Dalesha (David Walliams / Alesha Dixon) and Saula (Simon Cowell / Paula Abdul) and i also occasionately write about Alemanda (Amanda Holden / Alesha dixon) or about Stavid (Stephen Mullhern / David Walliams).

And i would love to get some comments and feedback on my work.

So please feel free to check it out :slight_smile:
Many thanks in advance for anyone who maybe wants to give feedback / comment on my work

Very Kind regards,


(Leeschris on Wattpad)


You got a better writing plan than I do! DX




Most readers are silent, I honestly wouldn’t expect a review unless your in a book club or critique exchange


good point


Yo sorry to intrude but may I join too? :blush:


Of course! Welcome!


Hello everyone, how’s it going?


Pretty good. How are you?


I’m doing alright. Just playing some video games today


I got some writing done and published my newest chapter just now! Yay me!:tada::tada:


Hello everyone! My name is Sidney and I have been on Wattpad since January. I have been working on editing my first book that I completed but I’m not sure if I received feedback and comments from the readers. I was wondering is that normal? I hope everyone is having a great day.


Hi! I could review your book if you like. What’s it about?


My book is about a man named John Knight, who was wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. He was placed in jail, exposed to a unknown experiment, that gave him super powers. He break out of jail to fight evil meta humans and other threats to bring them to justice while trying to clear his innocence.

The title of the Book is called " Tbe Enforcer"


The Enforcer sorry my tablet had a glitch. I appreciate your help.


I go by a pen name too.


That sounds awesome! I’ll go check it out!


Thank you again.


I hope you enjoyed the story. :smile:


How is everyone doing tonight? I’m just writing a new chapter in a book.