Struggling/New Writers' Club


I am just working out the flow of it.


What was your favorite character of the story “The Enforcer” Misty?


I admit sometimes I do get writer’s block when I write. Especially, when a good idea comes along the way. I try to find a way to overcome it. Mostly, I watch movies or read a book. Journal writing tends to help with writer’s block, which I notice. I’m sure you all experience writer’s block as well. It can be draining.




Hi all, not a new writer, but certainly new to Wattpad and struggling to get my head around everything…so hey!


how are you doing?


Hi there! Nice TARDIS :smirk:


Tehe, thank you!


I’m alright, thanks for asking. :slight_smile: How about you?


Omg i love your profile picture


Ayye, thanks! :smile:




i’m okay


Hello :slight_smile:


Hello! :slight_smile:
I have been on Wattpad for a few months now. I decided to join because I have always loved writing and exploring the stories others have to share. Even though I’m not a pro, I have been working on producing my first novel: Bitter Lydia. I really wanted to make a piece exploring the beauty of learning kindness and compassion between individuals. It’s still a work in progress, so I can’t explain it fully lol… But I would love to make some friends and get some feedback on my story! Thank you :slight_smile:


That sounds really nice. Good luck with writing it!


Hey, I’m just joining wattpad.
I’ve started and stopped smack in the middle of a bunch of stories. I hope I can create a full novel on here and gets some readers. I’m really excited to meet people and hopefully have a lot of people connect with them.


Hey! For starters, your profile picture is so cute :slight_smile:

What type of stuff are you planning to write?


So I’m going through less of a writing struggle and more of a reading struggle lately :stuck_out_tongue: the more time I spend on this site the more cool books I find and the less time i have to read them all. There’s so much good stuff out there


Thanks :smile:. That’s my dog, Simon. Idk. I want to write about some mental illness, romance, adventure, and fun topics to keep people interested. What about u?