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Hi @BloopIV here I’ve just now started posting on Wattpad and I post a LARGE VARIETY OF THINGS. However I wanted people to read my new work in progress the Ants Dance and tell me if they like the format or not. Thanks for reading


You can post links here and add them to your profile, it really makes things so much easier! Search is bad on the Wattpad.


Hi all, @dollz007 here. I’ve recently starting writing and it would be really helpful if you guys checked out my story Dealing with Delta! XD


'Sup my dudes and dudettes?
I don’t have time to write much lately, I’m afraid to lose readers and motivation… yay life


Hello and welcome! I’ll check it out, but be warned I am a shy commenter :sweat_smile:


I hear you… I am struggling to keep posting my goofed up novel. I keep giving myself pep-talks, heh. I know it’s silly, but hey, I have it, so might as well post. :slight_smile:


Hi nervous wave




Evening all… I finally finished another chapter of my book. Real life gets in the way of me writing on a regular basis, but I gotta pay the bills, and these assignments won’t grade themselves.


Hi. Congrats! You’re a teacher?


Last I checked…

Sorry it’s near the end of the semester and my filter is slipping. I teach High School English. I also run two clubs, the creative writing club and the tabletop gaming club.


Ah I see, it’s alright. Wow that’s cool though. What grade level of high school? And where? I’ve thought about possibly being a teacher, but I’m not 100% sure at the moment.


I teach 9th grade in Las Vegas. To be precise I teach fundamentals of reading, so I get all the struggling readers. It’s a challenge but I get to teach all the fun stuff like ‘Tears of a Tiger’, ‘Monster’ and ‘Speak’

Teaching is not for everyone, that’s for sure. And even teachers have grade levels and types of kids they do better with. Me? Give me at risk kids any day of the week.


Ah, cool! Yeah I’d rather teach at risk kids than advanced. I’m in California, not too far. How long have you been teaching?


Year 10… 9 in high school and one in middle school…


Oh wow, that’s cool.


Hey guys, what’s been happening. Been gone a little while. Arranging an even for college. Totally no motivation at the minute


It’s a lot of work. If you’re serious about teaching go volunteer in schools or if you have the college credits start subbing. If you can survive subbing you will probably do ok as a teacher.


Yup, already volunteering at a middle school & sometimes elementary. But yeah idk exactly, subbing is a nightmare. Might do speech or something


Subbing is hard because they are not your kids. If you can get a long term gig or start subbing at the same school it gets easier because the kids know you. If you tell the teachers you’re interesting in teaching they can help guide you better than I can from here lol… Ask them for resources, handouts that sort of thing. Pay attention to what they do well and what they struggle with. You can learn a ton that way.