Struggling to get regular readers for my romance story. Anyone else facing the same problem?

So basically, I’ve been writing a story for more than six months now. It’s also doing pretty well in terms of ranking, reads and votes. However, these reads and votes come from read for reads and other reading and critiquing deals only. There are very few regular readers and people to give me feedback and help.

Does anyone else face this problem? Come on here and we can talk about it.

How to even get out of this though?


I’m just going to copy and paste what I said to others who asked the same thing. Here it goes:

It depends on some factors:

  • first of all, know that gaining readers/followers will take time depending on what you post on here. Some people gain 100 followers/reads in their first month/week and sometimes people gain 100 in a year.
  • advertising on SYS threads (but don’t just rely on this)
  • sharing your story with people asking for recommendations in the forums. This helped me A LOT because I found a lot of people from the forums reading my most recent book and they enjoyed it which was super great. :slight_smile: Some people even said they were browsing through these forums, found interest in my book, and ended up reading it. :smiley:
  • using your book/characters in character/story games throughout the forums
  • Participating in feedback threads: Not only does this help improve your writing, but you can always find people who are interested in following you/reading more of your work.
  • Are your books in Wattpad’s favorite genre? Romance is Wattpad’s ultimate favorite and then there are others that my brain can’t remember at the moment. But yeah, Wattpad has predominantly Romance readers.
  • Is the story poorly written? Many readers leave once they notice repetitive grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m one of them tbh.
  • Book Clubs: This helps boost up your reads/followers and you can even make new loyal readers and friends
  • Contests: This also boosts up your reads/followers. I recently won first place in the romance category for a contest I joined and my reads and followers skyrocketed.

Before I did all of this, I was lucky enough to have readers before I started Wattpad. I used to write fanfiction on Tumblr and my followers were kind enough to continue following me on here. So that helped me a lot to gain many reads during my first week.

Overall, be patient. Your readers will come eventually. Just be nice and put yourself out there. Make friends in the forums. Read other books and leave fun/nice comments. Update your story regularly (preferably on Thursdays or Fridays because the algorithms will become your best friend). And most of all, have fun! :slight_smile:

Also, I heard once you start getting like 500 reads a day, that means you’re in a certain percentage that makes it easier to find your book on Wattpad.


That was all very very helpful. Thank you so much!!

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No prob!

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If I may add something else…

I noticed that there are times in the year that people will read more of a genre than another. To write a romance around Valentine’s Day is a plus, same for summer time and December. :woman_shrugging:


yea agreed. but sometimes it just matters if you are noticed or not , then a reader would read your book. many good books go unnoticed.


True. That’s why I try to encourage undiscovered writers even when the book is ongoing. I don’t judge by the number of views/reads.


That’s great! But the sad part is there are quite a few like you …

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This was very helpful

I’ve only been signed up for Wattpad for like two months and I’ve been trying to treat it a little bit like social media and interacting with the awesome people who leave votes and comments on my stories.

I’m not sure if tags help get our story out there but I’ve read the more tags the better.

Also, and I’m guilty of this one,but I think a lot of readers want a complete story to binge on and will sometimes wait to just seek out those completed works. I am still on my way to getting my books polished enough to post the completed version. It’s a slow process but I think that’ll boost reads overall.

Good luck!


You’re doing a lot of things right. You’re participating in the forums regularly, you have your profile link on your profile here, you’re updating regularly.

A lot of people will wait to read a book until it has at least ten parts or is completed.

Keep an eye on ‘Story Requests’ in the share your story section. Recommend your books whenever they fit what the reader is looking for.

Maybe include a short author’s note at the beginning, welcoming reader’s and showing you are open to feedback.

It’s An Everlasting World:

Your blurb doesn’t actually tell me what the story is about and it feels like the writer is speaking to me rather than the character.

No matter if your book is in first person or third, the blurb should be in third person, give the reader’s a strong sense of who your character is as a person, and a taste of the plot to come. While it’s a lovely blurb, not knowing what the story is about makes it so I’m not pulled in.

So, the blurb can’t really do it’s job right now.

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Did you mean that the blurb should be in third person?

I’m thinking so?

Traditionally all blurbs are in third person.

Yes. Dagnabbit. That’s what I meant. My husband was talking to me, that dirty bastard.

Listen guys. You need to go the traditional route of the blurb. Have it be just a bunch of quotes from other authors saying how good the story is, so the reader has no damn clue what the novel is even about until chapter 30.


Lol, but you should have a blurb so that the readers have some idea about the book. You can also have a bunch of quotes from other authors because that’ll help boosting your reads :slight_smile:

As someone with 17 million reads. Just write the most cliche shit imaginable.

Make it sound like a Michael Bay film.



@Nostxlgia14 Hold on! I’ll read your book as soon as possible!

(Also, mine is even lower than yours. Why am I here? :joy:)

Well, people like me won’t read books like that! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Hold on. Have to update my resume to reflect the fact that I wrote the best blurb in existence right there.

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