Struggling Writers High Five Hangout: Ask, Rant, Encourage etc

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tag on!

I have so many story ideas, and I can’t figure out which one(s) I should work on first. Usually I have the other issue, where there’s nothing I feel passionate to write. The struggle is real lol


I go through this stage before every book, and I cope with it with writing outline and trial chapters, until one book starts devouring me. That’s the one I work on afterwards till finished :slight_smile:

I know it’s not a fun phase with a lot of doubts and fears of committing to the wrong manuscript, so HUGS!


I want to write a book but I’m too lazy so I just write poems

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Thanks! I’m excited about a couple ideas so I think I’ll start writing the plot out until one idea stands out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The “high five hangout” is cute af. Gracias for the tag!

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I am like, drawing inspiration from Evanovich. Lol.

I had to Google who that was, I cannot lie. You writing today?

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Yes, I started on that historic thing, that used to be Assassin Creed fanfiction, now i don’t know what the heck it is. But I am loving the research for it.


I have so many great book ideas, and my problem is that, I always want to write them all at once.

Word of advice work on only one book at a time, that way you will give that book 100% of the good writing it deserves.

Jumping back and forth between writing books, can cause you to lose focus on the main picture of each book.


Thanks for the tag! After reaching 900 for this chapter, I’m off to bed. Should be able to finish this chapter tomorrow, and maybe I should look back at it to weed out all the cheesy metaphors.


Nice! What’s the working plot for it? It’s cool that it morphed into its own thing from fanfiction. Some of my favourite story ideas have come from fanfiction as well.

And I’m just slogging through the last few days of Nano. I swore to myself that I’d make 50k on the Stone series, whatever form it took. I’ve ended up deleting and rewriting almost 50k worth of planning and reference notes for the damned thing instead of actual prose, but whatever. Progress is progress, right?


Damn right! Fist bump for progress!

I still retained the mysterious assassin, the novice monk who has an ax to grind with Ivan the Terrible and his descendants after surviving the Novgorod Massacre. But I am starting with Prince Dmitri’s murder, and link my assassin to the first Dmitri the Pretender.

My investigator is a historic adventurer one Prince Vasili Shuyski, a scoundrel who betrayed pretty much everyone to become a tzar for a short time himself (before being starved to death by the Polish).

But in this (first?) book he is just starting to become corrupted & actually tries to hold on to his morality. And I gave him a side-kick, a tetra-chrome & insomniac nephew who cross-dresses… I think.

Anyway, I’m gonna start with Boney M’s quote Oh, those Russians…

That definitely sounds like a fun research project. How far along are you on it?

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1.5K words text trying out characters, and a huge bunch of reading still to do. And… oh, like an outline to put together. I do want to write a little more introducing the main characters (maybe about 5-10K) before working more seriously on the outline.

That’s a good plan. Much easier to draft a story when you’ve got a strong sense of your main players, in my opinion.

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Hey guys I’d really love feedback on my book Ayanda Born Of The Storm if you have any books you want me to read pm me :slight_smile:

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Heya, in this thread we talk about specific troubles, and could give feedback on a small bit you are struggling with, or talk about an idea/concept.

If you want a read for read, you can find them or offer them in the Story Services subforum or you can look for a few good book clubs :slight_smile:

Well, I also want to see how the set-up would look like, if it’s intriguing etc.

Thanks for the tag.

I know this might sound a bit nuts, but I’m kind of looking forward to work today. I need the break from sitting in front of my computer and trying to work out what the hell I’m going to write.

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