Stupid Question Time: Is it allowed to offer actual payment for a cover?


I’m very new to this community and have a semi-stupid question. I’m in desperate need of covers, but would like to offer actual payment if someone is going to put their time into this for me. (I also personally don’t really believe in offering a follow, etc. as I prefer keeping to the writers/content I like to read.)

Here’s my question and I think I already know the answer: Is it allowed to offer actual money for a cover via the Wattpad community? I guess not, but thought it wouldn’t hurt asking.


I think it just has to happen off Wattpad. You can’t use Wattpad for monetary gain - but if you found a cover artist on say… Twitter and you paid them to make a cover for you and then used it on Wattpad, that’d be fine.


Thanks for the quick reply!

I figured, hahaha. Just would have been easy to do it here, I’ll go looking.

Have a lovely day!

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Happy to help!

And right back at ya :smile:

Hi! As @AWFrasier mentioned, I’m afraid it isn’t allowed, but you could try somewhere like Fiverr or thebookcoverdesigner if you’re looking to offer actual payment :blush:

Thank you! I’ll check it out.

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