Stupid things you see in Wattpad stories


What are some dumb things that you hate seeing in Wattpad stories?

Let’s share them together!



Emojis used in the place of words or le :kangaroo:ters.

Several exclamation points or question marks or both at once??? !!! Bonus points if it’s all CAPS and bold.


Grr. Right? Italics are fine but bold is just weird.


I read peter pan and I get sick of stories where the main girl turns out to be magical. If it’s known from the start, cool. But sometimes there are too many girls who turn out to be magical like Pan and it’s dumb! Sorry, I don’t think anyone can relate to this one.


Finding out an update/or chapter consists out of nothing more than an author note…it’s kind of a bummer.


Using “lol” or “idk” in both dialogue and in a paragraph… Wtf. Not in a texting format either, so I basically stopped reading what could have been a good story if it didn’t piss me off.


That’s not only for Peter Pan stories. A lot of werewolf, vampire, angel, or w/e stories end like that. The main character suddenly learns she’s been magical all along!


I mainly read the Peter pan but yes I do think it’s annoying. It’s just so predictable to me.

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Oh my gosh. I saw a story in all bold once -_- It was a dream come true to find it because it was a Fanfic book 5 for a book series I’m in love with on Wattpad,and the boldness was for every single chapter. I just… I don’t know why they did it that way. :confused: I couldn’t read it because it hurt my eyes.


Sometimes I see

“Oh,” she said, her mouth forming an “O” shape.

And I’m just like, why do you need to tell us that? We can probably imagine.
Or, similar to the excessive exclamation points, the whole overuse of the letter to exaggerate/emphasize (ex. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

  • Regarding to texting in stories: emojis, text-speak, and using bold.

  • Pictures and videos in replace of descriptions.

  • Warnings and author notes in the middle of the chapter.

  • Cast lists that feature actors that sound ridiculous for the part (like having Will Smith be a seventeen year old basketball player).

  • Using sound effects… The door opened… _squeeeeeeeeeked. :roll_eyes:

  • CAPS and a lot of punctuation marks: “WHAT DID YOU DO???” Or even using bold for other things that don’t really need it.

  • Info-dumping their lives.


Agreed. I mean, I’m fine if they were like…

Sarah stared at the sign that read: PROM: SATURDAY EVENING—6PM

But otherwise, if it’s not for signs or something of that sort, then it’s not really needed…

I also hate that… I also hate author notes in the middle of the book. Like:

Chapter six
Chapter seven
Chapter eight


If you have something important to say like you’re going on a hiatus or something, just post it to your message board…

I haven’t seen much of that, but yeah, that’s annoying. I also hate it when they’re like, “Hahahaahahahahaahahaha.” I laughed.


Like, not only is that redundant, but the amount of “ha’s” is kind of… eye-soring. I mean, I do that during texting and writing on here, but a book? It’s supposed to look semi-decent and professional… If your character laughed, a simple “Ha,” would suffice. Otherwise, just say “I laughed,” and move on.

Haha, I’m guilty of this. :rofl: I actually used it because the character would continue forming that “O” shape, instead of just saying, “Oh.” So quick. So it would be like…


characters. theyre always so hard to get behind.


I hate the all the abusive relationships in romance stories, especially werewolf or vampire ones.

AND all the bloody ‘I’m a slave and he raped me and treated my like shit but now he is nice and I love him’. Like jeez, no thanks.

I’m all for a bit of a dominating love but seriously abuse is abuse and it shouldn’t be romanticised as much as it is on here.

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That irking magic formula that makes of the author a time God “Time skip cuz I can” but that makes of me the apostate that drops the holy book :rage::joy::joy::joy:


I guess this is more of a writing thing in general than just a Wattpad thing, but the few Wattpad stories I’ve recently read had the narrator summarize what happened earlier in the story (which could have only been a chapter ago) as if the readers are total idiots.

Chapter 11: A thing happens
Chapter 12: The main character/narrator has to explain, in detail, what had happened in case the readers had forgotten.

It was honestly so exhausting that I just started skimming through the whole thing until I gave up entirely lol.

Edit: Like I think you can get away with doing this a couple times, but doing it constantly? No thanks


A work written from a pov of a dumb character who makes the most awkward decisions. I don’t read most humours for this reason.


Hmmm. I gotta say overly sassy main characters. There’s a point where the wit ends and unneeded aggressiveness begins. It’s worse when it’s the MC’s main defining trait.


POV changes in the same chapter. When the writer puts *** Mary Sue POV *** and three paragraphs later *** Gary Stu POV *** and so on for the rest of the chapter.


Excessive, unnecessary swearing in books also annoy me quite a lot and the overusing of a few words especially if it’s obviously unintentional.