Sub-Club Categories?


I don’t know if this has been suggested before, but what would be cool to add is the ability to host or create your own sub-club categories. (Ex: Anime club, Zombie club, Book club club, etc)

This means that there could be:

  1. Clubs dedicated for people who like a certain type of book genre (This would help increase the number of books that could be found to people who are interested in that specific genre).

  2. Clubs who are dedicated to a certain book or author (Fandoms are everywhere).

  3. Book clubs creating their own forums for their members as well as do their thing using it instead of going through the hassle of private messaging.

  4. And possibly more that I might not have mentioned.

Would this make the main clubs redundant? Not necessarily. Those will always be the main hangouts.

The only problem I could see with this feature is how those clubs would moderate themselves. But then again, if a person creates a club, they should be well prepared to handle it on their own, not to mention they should be able to also give other people the ability to help them moderate it too.


Ooh, and to add onto this. You can make it so that clubs you save or follow show up on your main profile (Or have the option to hide them) so other people can see it.