Submissions to join the Wattpad Ambassadors are now CLOSED for January / February 2019 Training!

Interested in joining the Ambassador team or want to know more about them?

There’s some info here on the Ambassadors profile - - together with a link to the Submissions form.

Our next intake will be trained up in late January / early February, so if you want to apply, please make sure you’re around at that time. All training is done online, and you don’t need to be around at set times as we train people from all over the world.

Please feel free to ask any questions here too and I’ll do my best to answer them as fully as I can. We’re certainly going to need more moderators for this new Community area =]

Alongside our existing club moderators, all of whom are helping in here, we also have Ambassadors who wrangle data with the team at HQ, assist with tracking down works that are plagiarised, help run profiles and great contests, and who do outreach to new writers on the platform to help them on their journey. And that’s just a part of what they do.

The team are now almost 600 in number and cover 75 countries and over 70 different languages. They are diverse, eclectic, and work very closely with the folks at Wattpad HQ to help maintain Wattpad’s incredible community.

Sales pitch over =]

Questions are always welcomed.

Cheers, Gav


Can you please pin this thread, Gavin? Thanks :slight_smile:




sorry, not sure what you mean there


I work overnights. But thanks. I’ll pass.

What hours you work isn’t really relevant to be honest as we have people from all over the world, all time zones and indeed many night shift workers on the team. The Ambassadors are incredibly diverse.

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Oh, I realize that. But given my current schedule, I would have a very limited window of operation available to me. Wouldn’t be fair to anyone else at HQ or on this site.

Besides, you guys need role models and I’m not sure I fit that bill.

I guess we’ll just have to live with a Schuyler sized hole in our submissions.


I’d love love love to become an Ambassador because you guys have been really helpful (especially recently) and I want to help too. I’ve applied once before and I didn’t get in. Is there anything I can do this time to show the team that I’m ready to join?


Question re: the six months’ minimum age of your Wattpad account. Is that calculated from now, or from the January training date? I’ve been a member since June.

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It’s calculated from the moment you joined Wattpad. So if you joined in June, your account is plus minus five months old :smile: if you look on your profile, it will tell you the exact date you joined Wattpad.

Just remain active, helpful and continue to be a positive part of the community :star: even if you don’t make it again, try again next time! :smile: (but I’m holding thumbs for you!)


That’s not quite what I was asking. What I mean to ask is if I’m eligible now, since the training starts in January. My account won’t hit 6 months until December 13, so should I wait until then to apply, or does it not matter?

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You have to be a member for 6 months the moment you fill out the application. So yes, you should wait until December 13.


Technically speaking, yes, you’d need to wait until the 13th Dec, but I check the submissions as they come in so, if you fill it in soon then I’ll spot it ok

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Being active in the Community is certainly a good start =]


@xkaydotx @TheOrangutan lol thanks! I practically live here so being active will be no problem :joy:


Thanks very much.

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*stalks for the newt few years : P *