Submissions to join the Wattpad Ambassadors are now CLOSED for January / February 2019 Training!



Good luck to everyone and if you don’t make it there’s always next time and you don’t give up. :smiley: :heart:


I definitely applied. No questions so far, it all seems really well lined out in the application. This is my second application, and while I don’t know what position I prefer yet, I know I’d love to be a part of the team.

I do actually have one question: What is the major differences between the different kinds of Ambassadors? I was unaware there were so many :sweat_smile:


The book shows it but:

Content We mod and report stories if it violates depending what inside plot it is.

Community Club mods.

Engagement Handling specific fandoms/genres profile and social to users (hence, engage)

Data Have no idea. :joy:

Outreach Kind of like a friendly tour guide or neighbor?

That’s the difference on those roles.


Thank you! I haven’t gotten through all of the book yet.


Good luck to everyone applying!


I sent my application in last night :grin:


Good to see some of our Community users applying =]


I joined Wattpad after silently lurking for an amount of time. I’ve since grown to love WP and what it stands for. The fact that it is such a large community with people from all over the world joining is truly something to be admired. I was shy at first to publish any of my writing, but I feel in safe hands here. Safe enough to publish my story soon!

I have applied for Ambassadors. Perhaps I set my standards too high, but I would be so delighted to be a part of the Community Ambassadors because I can see that that team is made up of so many kind and welcoming people that it would be a pleasure to work alongside them. But of course it’s not just the community ambassadors that make WP what it is. There’s been a lot of thought put into the running of WP and I can admire all of you for what you’ve created. Heck, some days I can barely get out of bed, let alone think of a whole system that works well.

I also love the changes made to the community forum which I emphasised in a thread I made. It’s a lot more fun and actually a lot more mobile friendly. I find it easier now to communicate with people on the go now.

Anyway, enough blathering from me.

Mostly just wanted to praise you and the people at HQ on making a writing community that I feel safe and welcomed in. Even if I don’t get into the ambassador programme, being a member of such a wonderful community is a high honour in itself in my eyes. :bluehearts::blush:


Lol, just waiting for the age range~

Edit: @xkaydotx <~<


The data ambassadors sound sort of–amazing. What do they do?


@johannahefer is a data ambassador ^^. Can you please answer her question, Johanna? :slight_smile:


I’m also curious about this. Do they actually work with SQL and coding-related things? I’m wondering if it would fit with any of my areas of expertise.


I don’t think that’s something to tell a lot but only book : P But that’s my guess.


That’s why I tagged Johanna, Angel :slight_smile: She could give an outline of what the data ambassadors do. Not the details, but enough to satisfy curiosity.


So the data ambassadors are like Wattpad’s secret society. I want in, @TheOrangutan! :rofl:


Maybe you could bribe Gavin with peanuts :wink: Just a thought…


But be very careful. A secret is so delicious but one spill and chaos will reign :rofl:

On a serious note, good luck getting in! :smiley: (I think I don’t fit data 'cause math makes my head hurt. If they use math there XD)


I have a friend in data :slight_smile: I can say It’s pretty cool. I mean he said it was cool :joy: I don’t have any other information lol

Btw this is my 6th or 7th? I guess its my 7th time trying😂


I’d imagine it’s likely someone’s record would have to be spotless to gain clearance to handle sensitive top secret Wattpad data such as this. There’s a chance I might’ve been red flagged at the border (Border Patrol Made Me Explain Wattpad). My chances of becoming part of the Data Watt’nonymous Club are looking slim…


You’d make a wonderful Engagement Amb, Marilyn :slight_smile: You’ve everything needed to make one. You are kind, lovely, friendly, amazing and love to help people out =]